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The 10 Must-Haves of a Timeless Fine Jewellery Collection

An elegant pair of earrings or a bold, statement necklace could be the final piece that really ties together a beautiful outfit, but in a world where fashion trends are becoming increasingly fleeting and what is considered ‘fashionable’ seems to be changing by the second, it can be difficult to know what pieces to invest in.
The 10 Must-Haves of a Timeless Fine Jewellery Collection

An elegant pair of earrings or a bold, statement necklace could be the final piece that ties together a beautiful outfit. Still, in a world where fashion trends are becoming increasingly fleeting and what is considered 'fashionable' seems to be changing by the second, it can be challenging to know what timeless jewellery pieces to invest in.


We have compiled a list of 10 classic staple jewellery pieces of fine jewellery that have lasted the tests of time. These pieces will never go out of fashion; they are too versatile and are sure to dazzle with any wardrobe. If you are looking to build and invest in a fine jewellery collection that is equally as breath-taking as it is practical, the following staple pieces are definitely for you.


Stud Earrings 

Stud Earrings


Stud earrings are versatile; you can wear them no matter the occasion, work, dinner date, party, or even a trip to the gym. They are simple and compact, they don't get in the way or make too much of a statement, but as one of the iconic jewellery pieces, they still add that little sparkle that elevates any outfit.


They are an elegant staple piece that can pair with any other accessories. There is no doubt that studs are an ultimate classic.


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Hoop earrings 

Hoop Earrings


Keeping with the theme of earrings, the following suggestion for your capsule jewellery collection is the hoop earring. The hoop is an everlasting trend that has been around for decades, all over the globe.


Whether a large, statement hoop or an elegant, small hoop, they are the perfect solution if you're looking for an earring to make a little more of an impact without being over-the-top. 


An incredibly versatile piece, hoop earrings dress up and complete any outfit, giving a bit of edge and style without overdoing it. No jewellery collection is complete without at least one pair of hoops.


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Solitaire Diamond Necklace 


Our next piece is a bit more specific; the solitaire diamond necklace is a graceful and sophisticated piece that can complement any wardrobe or style.


It's versatile; it can be worn for any event and dazzles without making too much of a statement. The round brilliant solitaire diamond is the ultimate classic diamond. This cut has been the number one most requested for years, so it is safe to say it will never overshadow the quick-to-pass trends continuously rolling by.


The beauty of a solitaire pendant necklace is that it can pair with white gold or yellow gold chain, so no matter your metal preference, you can easily tailor it to your style.


This versatile and stylish piece deserves a place in a classic fine jewellery collection.


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Diamond Tennis Bracelet 

Diamond Tennis Bracelet


The Diamond Tennis Bracelet, aptly nicknamed after US tennis champion Chris Evert wore hers on the court in 1970, is probably the most versatile piece you can have in your collection.


As this bracelet has made fine jewellery more appropriate within the world of sports, it is perfectly suitable for any other occasion. A diamond line bracelet adds the perfect sparkle and glamorises any outfit just the right amount.


It looks beautiful, whether stacked or worn on its own, so no matter your style, it will dazzle. Diamond bracelets look good on anyone and can easily be adapted day to night. Their loose, flexible structure is wonderfully comfortable, making them the perfect staple for your collection.


Pearl Necklace 


Some may say that a pearl necklace is outdated or old-fashioned; however, the opposite is true. Single pearl necklaces have always been extremely popular, especially as bridal jewellery in Ireland.


You don't have to be getting married or even attending a wedding to wear a pearl necklace. They go with anything and elevate any outfit by adding an air of sophistication. A pearl necklace is a simple yet elegant addition to your collection and a classic piece that will never go out of style.


A Gemstone/Birthstone piece 

Birthstone Jewellery


Playing with colours in your jewellery collection is a fun way to include a personality piece that says a little more about you and will stand the test of time.


A good way of ensuring that your gemstone piece retains its meaning and beauty is by selecting a piece that includes your birthstone. The September birthstone is a sapphire; the May birthstone is an emerald, and so on.


Do a little research into your birthstone, and once you have found it, you can have fun selecting a ring that shows your gemstone. Whether a big statement cocktail ring or a simple pendant with a small stone, adding some colour is a great way to include a classic piece that is a little funkier.


Dress Ring 

Dress Ring


Every capsule jewellery collection requires a dress ring (or two). Unlike an engagement ring or wedding band meant to symbolise an event in your life or love for someone else, a dress ring is said to symbolise your love for yourself and your personality and taste.


A dress ring is another brilliant way of bringing some of your own styles into your jewellery collection. Statement rings are the perfect piece to pack a little extra punch for that special occasion or event.


They look great stacked on each other or worn as individual pieces. They are a great staple to include when filling your jewellery collection.


A bangle bracelet 

Bangle Bracelet 


The bangle is one of the most classic pieces of jewellery you can find. They have been around forever and continue to prove to be one of the most popular pieces asked for in our store.


They can be worn singly, stacked with diamonds, or as a solid metal piece. They are a fabulous way of including a bit of sparkle and dressing up any outfit.


You can wear a Bangle for any occasion with any aesthetic, a truly versatile piece that you can find in any metal colour, be it rose gold, white gold or yellow gold.


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A Pendant Necklace 

Pendant Necklace


A pendant necklace is super adaptable, can be found in any metal and can be in any design your heart desires. Pendant necklaces are an everlasting fashion statement that will never die out or become outmoded.


Their flexibility in terms of design means they can reflect your style while still being a classic piece that you can wear day or night. Again, they are another piece that can be layered or worn on its own; either way; they will compliment any outfit.


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A classic watch 

Classic Watch


Although it may sound like we have dipped into men's jewellery with this last piece, watches are a classic piece within the jewellery world for both men and women. Several brands have beautiful watches encrusted with diamonds that rival even the most delicate diamond bracelets.


A watch may seem like a more practical investment rather than a piece to include in your fine jewellery collection, but a beautiful luxury watch is an excellent addition. Not only is it a helpful tool, but the craftsmanship that makes these divine watches is worth considering adding to your wardrobe.


A luxury watch will add sophistication to any outfit and is bound to capture a few compliments without ever going out of style.


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