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Halo Engagement Rings

Create an undeniable sparkle and maximise the impact of your chosen stone with a stunning halo set engagement ring. Looking to buy a halo engagement ring in Dublin, choose from our stunning collection.

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What is a halo engagement ring?

In ring terminology, ‘halo’ refers to a type of stone setting. The design features a large central stone, which is then surrounded by a thin row of pavé stones. The design is most commonly associated with the Art Deco movement making halo rings the perfect choice for anyone seeking a vintage style engagement ring. 


Halo rings are available in a number of designs and with different gemstone centres or surroundings, however the most common style is one that is completely made up of diamonds. 


What makes halo engagement rings different to other styles?

At first glance, a halo engagement ring is undeniably unique. One of the most noticeable differences between a halo ring and other styles is the amount of sparkle they showcase. The collection of smaller stones around the outer edge of the centre diamond or gemstone catch the light in such a unique way, creating an eye-catching effect.


A halo engagement ring is a guaranteed way to capture the attention and heart of your partner. 


Additionally, halo settings are a great way to enhance the size of an engagement ring. As the pavé stones sit closely around the central stone, they naturally make it look bigger than it actually is. Therefore, halo engagement rings are also popular among those wanting the impact and drama of a large solitaire diamond ring, on a smaller budget. 


Types of halo engagement rings 

Halo engagement rings are available in a number of styles. Firstly, there is the choice of metal. Our beautiful collection features halo engagement rings with 18ct yellow gold, platinum bands. The platinum styles are most similar to the vintage inspired Art Deco rings, while those in 18ct yellow gold present a sense of class and sophistication. 


There is also the option of various diamond cuts. The central diamond can be cut in oval, cushion, emerald, marquise, pear and round styles. Every cut creates its own distinctive look, which offers each wearer an option that fits beautifully on their finger. 


Another style is a double band halo, which gives the impression of wearing two rings. As well a stylish design element, the double band helps increase the comfort and stability of the larger sized ring.


Other options include floral halo rings or heart shaped styles, which add a touch of charm and character to otherwise classic designs. 


For more halo engagement ring inspiration, discover our complete collection online today.