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Three Stone

Three Stone Engagement Rings

Symbolising your past, present and future life with your partner, the three stone or trilogy engagement ring beautifully demonstrates your love.

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History of 3 stone engagement rings 

Engagement rings have long been used to symbolise the love between two individuals, with their most significant purpose being to show an intent to marry. Historically, engagement rings were crafted in gold, copper or iron, and took on just a simplistic circular shape. 


As the years passed and people’s attitudes towards engagement rings changed, so did their styles and designs. For example, the first use of diamonds in an engagement ring was in 1477, when Archduke Maximilian of Austria presented a ring with flat diamonds in the shape of an ‘M’ to Mary of Burgundy. 


Around this time, it was also common for rings to feature multiple stones, whether they be diamonds, sapphires, rubies or another precious gem. These stones all represented something entirely unique. For instance sapphires were associated with fidelity and commitment, while rubies signified romance and passion. 


During the Victorian era, the choice of multiple stones in engagement rings was to spell out certain words or initials that were meaningful to the receiver, with the first letter of the stone forming the corresponding letter in the word. 


It wasn’t until 2001 that the trilogy ring we are so familiar with today was brought to market by global diamond specialist, De Beers. This was following an advertising campaign that presented the rings as a way to symbolise a couple’s past, present and future life together. The original 3 stone rings that formed part of this campaign showcased a large central diamond with two smaller diamonds on either side. Today, the designs and combinations of 3 stone engagement rings are almost infinite. 

Why are 3 stone engagement rings unique?

3 stone engagement rings are unique for a number of reasons. Firstly, their rich and interesting history offers them a certain charm and character which cannot be found in other styles of ring.


Next, as they have taken on so many meanings over the years, you can say that they are truly open for interpretation by today’s couples. For example, some believe the three stones represent friendship, love and fidelity, which are the cornerstones to a happy and strong relationship. For others, there is religious symbolism, with the stones signifying the father, son and the holy spirit.


So aside from gifting a beautiful piece of jewellery, there is an opportunity to personalise your proposal with a 3 stone ring that represents something meaningful to you and your partner. 

Are 3 stone engagement rings more expensive than other styles of ring?

In some cases, 3 stone engagement rings can be more expensive than other styles of rings, particularly those with fewer diamonds or other precious gemstones. However, in other cases, the larger stones found on classic styles of rings are often more rare than three smaller stones, which can increase their cost. 


Although, the price of any ring is dependent on the cut, clarity, carat and colour of its diamonds or stones, it is possible to find 3 stone engagement rings with high quality and at a price you are willing to pay, just like the same is possible for more traditional styles. 

Types of 3 stone engagement rings 

Today, there are numerous options available for 3 stone engagement rings with styles to suit every taste and preference. Our collection features an extensive range of options, including designs with platinum, 18ct yellow gold and 18ct rose gold bands. 


A platinum trilogy ring is incredibly stylish, with its sequence of diamonds accentuating the bright shine of the band’s surface. On the other hand, 18ct yellow gold 3 stone rings present the perfect mix of tradition and a contemporary style creating a classic, sophisticated look. 


There is also a choice of stones, with sapphires, emeralds and rubies serving as common centre pieces for trilogy ring designs which are then surrounded by beautifully cut diamonds for a luxurious and stylish look. 


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