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Oval Cut

Oval Cut Engagement Rings

Add a touch of elegance with the oval engagement ring collection

The elongated yet softer shape of an oval cut stone proves very popular with many brides favouring its elegant and feminine silhouette.

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About oval cut engagement rings 

An oval cut engagement ring refers to the shape of the diamond or stone mounted upon the ring’s band. The oval cut is a popular choice among brides-to-be due to its alternative take on the classic round shape which we see featured on many of the current best selling rings. 


Like the classic round diamond cut, an oval cut is also characterised by its 58 facets and soft angleless shape. What makes an oval cut unique, however, is the elongated design, which flatters almost every finger a ring is placed on. The longer shape can help slim and stretch the appearance of the hand, making an oval cut engagement ring the perfect choice for a precious piece of jewellery designed to last a lifetime. 


Why choose an oval cut engagement ring?

The unique, alternative shape of an oval cut engagement ring is just one reason to choose the design for your proposal. Another is the uncompromised beauty and brilliance of diamonds cut in this way. While round stones are known to be the sparkliest of all diamond cuts, the similarities in design of an oval cut also means stones possess an impressive level of brilliance.


The elongated design also makes oval cut stones look larger than other styles of the same carat. Together the larger looking stone and undeniable sparkle paired create a ring that is guaranteed to spark joy.


Oval cut engagement rings are also incredibly versatile in the way in which they can be set. Therefore, you can choose a ring design that comprises classic style, beauty and brilliance, as well as characteristics and additional details that truly represent you or your partner.


Our collection of oval cut diamond engagement rings 


An oval cut stone in a solitaire setting showcases the brilliance and beauty of the diamond cut, creating a confident and impactful statement. 


Oval cut diamonds in a halo setting are another popular choice for engagement rings. While the elongated oval shape already creates the appearance of a larger stone, an encapsulating diamond halo can help enhance its size even further. The smaller outer stones add greater brilliance and dazzle to the overall design, making this style of ring ideal for those who want something a little more glamorous. 


Or, you can opt for a design with diamond shoulders in order to ensure sparkle is distributed equally throughout the entire ring design. 


We also offer a choice of metal, with 18ct yellow gold and platinum bands available. 18ct yellow gold rings paired with an oval cut stone create the perfect balance of classic and stylish design - the 18ct yellow gold band represents traditional engagement ring styles, the alternative oval cut adds a modern twist. 


Platinum bands are a timeless choice for modern day brides-to-be. As well as possessing a robust quality that will be able to handle daily wear, the bright, reflective surface of the metal pairs beautifully with the dazzling diamonds to create a design with irrefutable beauty. 


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