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Pear Cut

Pear Cut Engagement Rings

Combining both the marquise and oval shaped stones, the pear cut is distinctively beautiful and said to signify a teardrop of joy for the bride to be.

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About pear shaped engagement rings 

For decades, pear shaped diamonds have adorned the fingers of the most chic and stylish brides-to-be. The stone shape is characterised by its elongated design and curved edges. It was originally referred to as a teardrop shape, representing the strong emotional bond between the giver and lucky recipient. 


The pear cut helps distribute the carat weight of the diamond helping to create a larger and more eye-catching engagement ring. The rounded design also helps accentuate the brilliance of the stone, creating a beautiful sparkle whilst the elongated and curved edges flatter all shapes and sizes. 


In many cases, pear cut diamond engagement rings can be worn with the pointed edge facing up towards the finger nail, or down towards the knuckle, it is entirely up to personal preference, enabling each bride-to-be to customise the style of their dream ring. 


Why choose a pear cut diamond engagement ring?

There are many reasons to choose a pear cut diamond engagement ring such as:


  • It's elongated shape flatters any finger it is placed on 
  • Distributed carat weight helps create a larger looking stone 
  • Cut enhances the brilliance of the stone creating a ring with more sparkle 
  • Can be set multiple ways, enhancing its uniqueness and opportunity to personalise
  • Shape beautifully complements a number of metal types 


Our collection of pear cut engagement rings

Our collection of pear cut diamond engagement rings feature an extensive range of options, showcasing the true versatility of this style of ring. 


For those that prefer more subtle accessories, the pear cut diamond ring with halo and plain platinum band is the ideal choice. The classic design is understated yet does not compromise sparkle thanks to the diamond halo detail. This helps ensure it will remain the centrepiece of your jewellery collection, without appearing ‘excessive’. Paired with the platinum band, the ring is also incredibly modern and stylish. 


For those looking for more of a statement-making ring, a pear cut stone with double diamond halo and diamond shoulders is an enviable choice with the additional smaller diamond stones placed throughout the ring adding extra sparkle.


All our pear shaped diamond rings are available set in platinum or 18ct yellow gold bands. Platinum bands pair perfectly with the brilliance of the diamond stone, adding a stunning lustre to the overall ring design. 18ct yellow gold bands are ideal for those with a more classic taste.


For more pear cut engagement ring inspiration, browse our pear cut collection.