Our Showroom

Our showroom is home to a stunning collection of fine diamond jewellery and exclusive luxury watch brands.

World class expertise and customer service

We know it is a cliché bandied around endlessly but the customer experience really is at the heart of the Paul Sheeran Jewellers business. The team take their job seriously demonstrating a level of personal attention that you will struggle to find elsewhere. Each and every visitor who walks through the door is important, regardless of budget or request.

The team are trained experts in their field whether that be in luxury horology or diamonds so it is guaranteed that even a brief conversation about a watch brand or diamond specification delivers a tangible benefit to the customer. This expertise quickly translates into trust and assurance that each and every purchase is executed to an incomparable standard and more often than not, a first time purchase evolves into a lifetime customer.

We love to receive feedback and we’re grateful that many of our customers take the time to tell us of their experience.


Personalised, attentive service is as important to us as the products we sell. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile for each and every customer knowing that their appreciation of luxury products and service is the most fitting reflection of what we do. Our range of services are all managed in our Dublin store and workshop so that we can confidently deliver a level of service which is unrivalled in the market.