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Emerald Cut

Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

The rectangular shape of an emerald cut diamond creates the illusion of a mirrored reflection whilst showcasing a stunning symmetry on the wearer's hand.

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What is an emerald cut?

An emerald cut refers to a very specific way in which a diamond is shaped. It is characterised by its rectangular design and cut corners and also features a step cut design whereby two facets sit parallel to one another.


Diamonds cut in this way showcase a mirror-like effect, which is reflective and striking in certain lights and angles. The large, flat and reflective surface is reminiscent of the Art Deco period, giving emerald cut engagement rings a vintage, and timeless feel. 


Although the Art Deco period saw the resurgence of the emerald cut, it has been around for centuries. The shape originated from gemstone cutting, whereby skilled craftsmen found it to be the most protective for emeralds as it minimised chipping and accentuated the stone’s rich colour. 


Choosing the right emerald cut engagement ring

Emerald cut stones have a number of unique characteristics, meaning there are many things to consider before choosing the ring of your dreams. Firstly, they don’t appear to sparkle as much when compared to other more traditional cuts, such as round or oval, for example so instead of looking for sparkle, consider the reflectiveness and mirror-like surface instead. 


The flat table surface of an emerald cut provides a window to the clarity and colour of a diamond or gemstone. For this reason, many choose stones with close to flawless clarity ratings in order to avoid any noticeable inclusions. For diamond rings, a stone that is as close to colourless as possible is the most popular choice. 


In terms of carat, the large surface area enhances the size of a stone, meaning a diamond of the same carat will look bigger in an emerald shape than other cuts, including round, oval or cushion for example. Therefore, if size is important to you or your partner, an emerald cut ring is definitely one to consider. 


Our collection of emerald cut engagement rings

Within our collection of emerald cut engagement rings, you’ll find emerald cut rings in different settings and the choice of various metal bands ensuring the overall design perfectly reflects the preferences of the lucky bride-to-be. 


This emerald cut solitaire engagement ring is available with a 18ct yellow gold or platinum band.


For an emerald cut engagement ring with additional sparkle, opt for a diamond halo setting. Although emerald cut stones are known for their larger looking size, the diamond halo detail enhances the stone, whilst also adding extra dazzle to the overall design. Similarly, diamond shoulder details can distribute the sparkle across the band to create an all over striking effect.


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