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Gent's Wedding Bands

Gent's Wedding Bands

Handcrafted in our workshop to an exact specification, all our gent's wedding bands are bespoke designs with a luxury finish.

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The history of gent's wedding bands

Although the tradition of women wearing wedding bands dates back centuries, it wasn’t until the mid 1900s that men also began to symbolise their marital status with a metal band on their ring fingers. At the time, men who were away fighting in the war found comfort in wearing a ring to remind them of their wives and families back home. 


Following this, it became more common for wedding bands to be exchanged on the big day and as men’s jewellery became more popular over the next decades, so did the diversity of styles of men’s wedding bands.


Today wedding band designs are available in various metal types, different weights and in a number of sizes and shapes, ensuring there is a style to suit every man. 


Which gent's wedding band should you choose?

With so many wedding band styles available, choosing the right one can be a difficult decision but ultimately the choice comes down to each wearer’s personal preference and lifestyle. For example, platinum is a much more durable metal than 18ct yellow gold. 


For those with a more traditional sense of style, 18ct yellow gold rings tend to exude a more classic aesthetic and for men with a more contemporary look, platinum is often the preference, however there are no set rules.


Our gent’s wedding bands are available in a number of weights, ranging from medium to extra heavy. It’s important to note that the heavier the weight, the bigger the depth of the band, meaning some who are less used to wearing jewellery may find a lighter weight more comfortable. However, it is always advised that you visit us in store to try on your ring for size and comfort

Another choice to make is the shape of your band. Our collection features slight court, flat court and traditional court styles, which refers to the curvature of the band. Again, some may find certain shapes more comfortable than others, with traditional court often the most popular for this reason. However others may prefer the contemporary design of the flat court style, or the balance between both offered by slight court options. All styles are available in a variety of thicknesses, ranging from 4mm - 6mm. 


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