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Ladies Wedding Bands

Ladies Wedding Bands

Worn on its own or stacked alongside your engagement and eternity rings, our ladies wedding bands are beautifully subtle symbols of love.

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The origin of wedding bands

Wearing rings to represent a woman’s marital status dates back to Ancient Egyptian times. Wives were gifted two rings by their husbands - one made of iron which was to be worn in and around the house, and another crafted from gold typically saved for public outings. 


Chosen as a symbol of a relationship, the Egyptians believed the ring’s circular shape represented eternity and was reminiscent of the sun and moon, both of which they worshipped. 


In the modern world, rings have become the accepted symbol of devotion between partners. While early rings were simple metal bands, designs and styles have changed significantly over the years. This began with the use of gemstones to decorate rings, and in 1417, the first diamond design was commissioned by Archduke Maximilian of Austria. 


It also became increasingly common for women to be given two rings again, but this time the first was to represent an intention to marry, coined an engagement ring, and the other given when exchanging wedding vows. 


Wedding bands have taken on even greater meaning over time, with religious, cultural and personal connotations all associated with the symbolic metal bands. Today, a woman’s wedding band is one of the most meaningful pieces of jewellery she will own. While some opt to create a bridal set by stacking their wedding band with their engagement ring, others prefer a simple, yet incredibly meaningful metal band to be the sole focus on their finger. 


Tie the knot with a Paul Sheeran Jewellers wedding band

Our ladies wedding band collection features a range of styles for all brides-to-be. Bands are available in an array of metal types, including platinum and 18ct yellow gold.


The choice of metal comes down to personal preference, for those with a more classic sense of style, a platinum or 18ct yellow gold band are ideal choices as they are timeless and versatile.


Lifestyle is also another important consideration as you will want to ensure your band can withstand your everyday routines. Platinum bands are the most hardwearing, and are best suited to those with more active lifestyles.


Our collection of wedding bands are also available in a range of weights, thicknesses and band shapes, including flat court, slight court and traditional court. The weight, thickness and shape you choose can impact how comfortable your band is, so it is always recommended you visit us in store to try one on. 


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