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Eternity Rings

Eternity Rings

A symbol of everlasting love, our breathtaking collection of eternity rings are timeless pieces, cherished for generations.

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The significance of an eternity ring 

An eternity ring, sometimes called an infinity ring is a beautiful style of ring that symbolises a bond that will last forever. As well as the traditional exchanging of engagement and wedding rings, eternity rings are often gifted between partners to commemorate special milestones and moments. 


There is no one set time at which an eternity ring should be given, so partners can apply their own meaning to the stunning style of ring - whether that be an anniversary, a birthday or maybe the birth of a child. 


These rings are categorised by their unique channel set designs, whereby diamond stones are placed side by side, in one single row, giving the illusion of a continuous loop of diamonds, and representing a never ending eternity. This symbolism is intended to represent the eternal bond between you and your partner, which is what makes them an incredibly meaningful gift. 


Although, it is not just diamonds that can be used, eternity rings can also be decorated with precious gemstones such as sapphires, emeralds and rubies. Sapphire eternity rings symbolise continued wisdom, virtue and good fortune. An emerald eternity ring could be a complimentary piece that embodies truth and love. A ruby eternity ring signifies love, passion and protection. Regardless of the choice of stone, an eternity ring will always evoke an undeniable charm.


Discover our eternity ring collection 

The Paul Sheeran Jewellers unique eternity ring collection has been handcrafted by our in-house team of designers and goldsmiths. The collection features diamond eternity rings set in platinum and 18ct yellow gold, so there is an option for all tastes and preferences.


Each diamond is hand selected and expertly set, ensuring quality that will endure the test of time and fulfil the eternal purpose of the ring. The diamonds are cut into a perfect round brilliant shape, ensuring a dazzling design with unmissable sparkle.


Rings are available with a varying number of diamonds, all of different sizes and carats. Opt for a thin band with a larger quantity of smaller diamonds for a sparkly impact, or to really make a statement, choose a ring with fewer, but larger diamonds.


We pride ourselves in providing our customers with some of the highest quality eternity rings in Ireland. If you are looking for beautifully handcrafted eternity rings in Dublin, feel free to visit us in-store or browse our collection online.