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Wimbledon: The History of the Diamond Tennis Bracelet

The perfect match…
Wimbledon: The History of the Diamond Tennis Bracelet

With Wimbledon having just wrapped up, we thought it would be appropriate to look at arguably the most classic piece of diamond jewellery, the diamond tennis bracelet 


The tennis bracelet has been a popular choice in the fine jewellery market for decades. It is a highly versatile piece that can be worn at any occasion, be it a party, a gala, a wedding, a dinner, going to the cinema or even playing sports. They are most commonly bought as gifts for events such as anniversaries, birthdays, or simply as a special treat for yourself or a loved one.  


Wimbledon Tennis Bracelet White Gold with Diamonds


There is no doubt that a tennis bracelet makes a stunning addition to any wardrobe, but you may be wondering why that name? It may seem like juxtaposing to imagine fine diamonds on a tennis court, but the word's history is linked to the sport.   


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What is a Diamond Tennis Bracelet?

A diamond tennis bracelet is made up of a line of symmetrical, equal-sized diamonds set into a thin metal chain, usually made of precious metal such as yellow gold or white gold. The diamonds used are usually the same carat, colour, clarity and cut and go around the bracelet, wrapping the wearer's wrist in a band of sparkles. The bracelet consists of individual links in the chain between the diamonds that allow the bracelet flexibility whilst still maintaining a cohesive aesthetic.


Diamond Tennis Bracelet


How Did the Diamond Tennis Bracelet Get Its Name?

Nowadays, diamond tennis bracelets are often synonymous with the upper crust country club attire. However, they weren't always associated so closely with the sporting world.


Before it was known as a 'tennis bracelet', it was called an 'eternity bracelet', designed to express eternal love, primarily gifted to partners or loved ones on special occasions. These eternity bracelets were always trendy among the aristocracy and were sported by many Hollywood actresses, most notably Mary Duncan, who was pictured wearing one back in 1926, as shown below.


It wasn't until 1978 that the term 'tennis bracelet' was coined, and this particular piece of jewellery became linked with the sport.


Chris Evert and the Diamond Tennis Bracelet

In the 1970s, an incredibly talented tennis player named Chris Evert started wearing a delicate row of diamonds around her wrist at every tennis match she played.


This bracelet was a line of identical diamonds wrapping around her wrist that was flexible enough to allow her to move her arm comfortably but still maintained its shape and glistened as she swung her racket. Evert was already well known for having impeccable taste and a stylish yet athletic aesthetic both on and off the court. The diamond bracelets made for a stunning addition that pushed her outfits to another level of sophistication.


However, it wasn't until the 1978 U.S. Open, when Evert's beautiful diamond bracelet fell off the court, that people took extra notice of it. Although there is debate about exactly when the bracelet fell off, Evert is sure it happened in 1978, as she remembers that her' diamond and gold bracelet broke and fell onto the court in an early round of the open.


Her publicist even stated that she had the match stopped while she looked for it. This has been the only piece of jewellery in history to put the entire U.S. Open on pause with bated breath, hoping it would turn up and the game could continue.


And thus, the tennis bracelet was born. After this incident, it was tough for onlookers to ignore the glittering diamond bracelet around her wrist, which inspired several other tennis players to wear similar sports bracelets to their matches.


The term became so commonly used that jewellers adopted it for their products and saw sales skyrocket. Evert sparked a movement of pairing fine jewellery, especially diamonds, with athleisure, which had never really been done before, and boosted the popularity of diamond bracelets tenfold.


Modern Diamond Tennis Bracelets

In modern times tennis bracelets have become a staple piece of fine jewellery, with people opting to buy them as a gift for a loved one or as an addition to their jewellery collection.


A tennis bracelet's simple, classic design makes it an extremely versatile piece that speaks volumes on its own but also goes brilliantly stacked with a few other bracelets.


White Gold Tennis Bracelet


There is no question that Evert has inspired modern tennis players to not only don sparkling tennis bracelets on the court but all kinds of fine jewellery pieces.


The Wimbledon Ladies Championship kicked off last Monday and the current British number one tennis champion, Emma Raducanu, won her first match whilst wearing £30,000 worth of Tiffany jewellery. Many modern-day tennis players have followed Evert's steps and have displayed their versions of the tennis bracelet at their matches; for example, in 2002, when Serena Williams wore a $29,000 Harry Winston tennis bracelet to the U.S. Open, which indeed turned heads.


white gold tennis bracelet dublin, ireland


Radacanu Wears a White Gold Tennis Bracelet

Raducanu chose a stunning pair of pearl and diamond drop earrings encased in platinum. She wore a matching necklace from the Tiffany Victoria collection and a white gold tennis bracelet. Raducanu is an ambassador for Tiffany & Co, and the company no doubt is using the tradition of wearing fine jewellery on the court as an opportunity to showcase its magnificently beautiful collection.


A Final Word on Diamond Tennis Bracelets

To wear a diamond tennis bracelet, you do not have to be a world-class tennis champion. The beauty of these pieces is that they are so simply elegant that they would suit anyone and any wardrobe.


If you are thinking of a gift for someone special or thinking of treating yourself to something nice, why not peruse our collection of diamond bracelets? They are guaranteed to add a bit of sparkle to any outfit and, with our complimentary annual cleaning service, will shine for you for a lifetime.


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White Gold Diamond Tennis Bracelet