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For Better or Worse - How to Care for Your Engagement Ring

The longevity of an engagement ring has as much to do with the care you take of it as it does its initial quality and craftsmanship.
For Better or Worse - How to Care for Your Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is one of the most precious pieces of jewellery you’ll own in your lifetime. They are also designed to last from the moment it is placed on your finger, and in some cases, they span generations long after. 


But the longevity of an engagement ring has as much to do with the care you take of it as it does its initial quality and craftsmanship. In order to help you take proper care of your engagement ring, we offer the following advice… 


Have your ring professionally cleaned 

The best way to ensure your ring remains in the best possible condition over the years is to keep on top of regular cleaning and servicing. 


At Paul Sheeran Jewellers, we offer a lifetime’s worth of servicing appointments with the purchase of any of our diamond engagement rings. In these appointments, our trained jewellery experts will clean and polish the metal, fixing any scratches or marks, as well as closely examine its stones to correct and prevent any significant damage, including chips or loosened settings. 


We would always recommend having your ring checked by a professional as this will ensure you do not cause any accidental harm by using the wrong tools or products. However, on a day to day basis, there are a number of things to keep in mind which can minimise wear and tear and increase your ring’s lifespan. 


Avoid contact with harsh chemicals 

The chemicals in at-home cleaning products can cause significant damage to the stones and metal, causing corrosion, tarnishing and discoloration. So, no matter how tempting it might be to take some soap or cleaner to remove a mark on your ring, taking it to a professional is always best. Jewellers will have the right products, tools and knowledge of how each type of metal and stone should be treated, so you can be sure that your ring is in safe hands and will be returned to you looking brand new. 


It makes sense then that you should avoid handling harsh chemicals while wearing your ring too. For example, bleach cleaners and other agents commonly found in at-home products can cause damage to your ring even if contact is accidental. Therefore, rings should be removed and placed somewhere safe before wiping down surfaces or cleaning bathrooms or kitchens, for example.


Similarly, if your job requires you to handle harsh chemicals, which could be anything from those used in industrial professions, right through to dyes and solutions used by hairdressers and beauticians, it’s best to leave your ring at home to prevent the chances of contact. 


Avoid hands-on activities while wearing your ring

It isn’t only harsh chemicals that can cause damage to a ring, knocks and friction can also cause wear and tear so it is always recommended that you remove rings before partaking in any activities which involve hands on work. 


Again, these scenarios can range from anything from a sporting hobby, right through to your day job. You can use your own judgement to determine what you think may cause friction or knocks to your ring, but be sure to factor in activities such as gardening, lifting weights or moving furniture etc. 


No matter how durable a metal or stone may be, most intricate items which are put under pressure or come into regular contact with another hardy material, are likely to experience some form of damage over time. This can include scratches of various depths, tarnishing and even chips and loosened settings which can result in the loss of a diamond or gemstone. 


To avoid all of the above, simply take your ring off and store it in a safe place, and remember to clean and dry your hands before putting it back on. 


Insure your engagement ring 

This should be one of the first things you do when you purchase or receive an engagement ring (after saying yes and snapping an Insta-worthy picture, of course!). By taking out insurance, you are protecting yourself from any financial losses in case the ring is stolen, lost or damaged.


In some cases, you may be able to protect your ring under your home insurance policy if you have one. But like with any type of insurance, it’s always best to shop around and find a policy that fits your lifestyle and needs. 


You should also have your ring appraised every five years. As the price of precious metals, diamonds and gemstones fluctuate, this will ensure that your financial settlement, should anything happen to your ring, will be in line with the current market value. 


Store your ring safely

Clearly, there are a number of occasions where you might need to take off an engagement ring in order to protect its quality, allure and condition. However, the way in which you store your ring while you are not wearing it is just as important. 


Firstly, always ensure you take off your ring with care. For instance, if you are thinking of removing a ring before washing your hands with soap, step away from any sinks or drains in case it falls or slips out of your fingers. Once you’ve taken it off, be sure to put it in a place where it cannot be accidentally knocked down the drain, or somewhere out of sight where you might forget about it ( particularly important in public bathrooms). 


Around the house, it might be an idea to keep jewellery dishes to hand to remind you to take off your ring, and provide you with a safe way to do so. However, in these dishes or other jewellery storage units, ensure your engagement ring is kept away from other pieces as this will prevent scratches to the metal, diamonds or gemstones. 


By keeping these tips in mind, you can prevent the worst and enjoy your ring as its meaning and sentimental value continue to get better with time. 


For more information and advice on caring for your engagement ring, please don’t hesitate to get in touch