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The Tudor Pelagos 39 

In August 2022, Tudor released its new addition to the Pelagos family, the Pelagos 39. All the previous versions of the Pelagos have had a 42mm case; this brand new Pelagos 39 is the first time Tudor releases a sleeker, 39mm edition.   
The Tudor Pelagos 39 

TUDOR Pelagos 39 Release Details 

With this new edition joining the Pelagos family, Tudor offers a versatile watch that marries the world of diving with the world of aesthetics and sophistication. 


The Pelagos 39 features grade 2 titanium, luminescent ceramic composite monobloc hour markers, a rapid clasp adjustment system, and the 25mm diver's extension. This model combines the heritage and practicality of a professional TUDOR diving watch with a 39mm case's adaptability, and the aesthetically pleasing design of the sunray satin finishes on its bezel and dial. TUDOR has once again gone above and beyond, creating a sports watch that displays exquisite watch-making and a chic, stylish look. It is perfect both on the shores and in the midst of the city. 


The Pelagos 39 enters into the TUDOR family of technical divers' watches with no less versatile a design than its precursors. The Pelagos, Pelagos LHD, and Pelagos FXD models represent TUDOR's technical underwater heritage by offering functions designed to perform as outstanding diving watches. However, the new Pelagos 39 is a more compact, traditional mechanical divers' watch, which has an added touch of grace due to the shine of the sunray finishes on the dial and the insert on the bezel.    


Tudor Pelagos


The Style of the Tudor Pelagos 39 

The stylish look of the Pelagos 39 is achieved through its entirely satin-brushed case, as with the other members of this collection. This detail makes a tasteful contrast to the radiance of the bezel insert, which is made of black ceramic with the sunray satin finish and features a graduated scale in a white fluorescent material. The practicality of this watch is demonstrated in even the smallest of details. The bezel's diameter is slightly larger than the case to allow maximum grip. 


The dial consists of hour markers made of monobloc luminescent ceramic composite, which improves the technical aesthetic and enhances visibility by increasing the luminous surface of the markers. The dial has two main features, the first being a sunray satin finish flat disc and the second, the Pelagos name, which stands out in a shiny cherry red at 6 o'clock, adding a nice contrast to the otherwise two-tone colourway of the watch. 


Tudor Pelagos Watches


The Pelagos 39 contains the manufacture calibre MT5400. This movement has been designed to ensure its robustness, longevity, reliability and precision. This is due to its variable inertia balance, which is held by a traversing bridge with two fixation points. This, along with the non-magnetic silicon balance spring, are why the manufacture calibre MT5400 has been certified as a chronometer by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC).   


This manufacture performs incredibly well, which is proven by the fact that the average variation in the daily running of a watch under TUDOR requirements is between -2 and +4 seconds. For comparison, COSC allows for a difference between 4 and +6 seconds. 


What else does the Tudor Pelagos 39 contain? 

Manufacture calibre MT5400 is nicknamed "weekend proof", meaning it has a power reserve of 70 hours. This means the wearer can hypothetically take the watch off on a Friday evening and put it on again on a Monday morning without having to wind it. 


Tudor Watch Ireland


Two straps are offered with the Pelagos 39. The first is an entirely satin-brushed titanium bracelet equipped with the TUDOR "T-fit" clasp for rapid length adjustment. This strap is practical and uncomplicated as it requires no external tools and offers five positions, which means the wearer can carry out an intricate and instant adjustment to the length along the window of 8mm. The clasp also has a 25mm extension feature that allows the watch to be worn over a wetsuit. Another way its performance as a divers' watch is enhanced.   


The second strap offered with the Pelagos 39 is the black rubber strap with a titanium pin buckle that attaches easily to the case with titanium end links that match the titanium of the case. This rubber strap also has the possibility of an extension, which means the wearer can lengthen the strap by up to 110mm. 


The Pelagos Collection 

The TUDOR Pelagos collection consists of incredibly technical, mechanical divers' watches designed to perform to the most professional standards. This family of timepieces now consists of four models genuinely worthy of their reputation as supreme TUDOR tool watches. 


Their heritage goes back to the 1950s when they were first used by pioneers of underwater exploration around the world. The Pelagos and Pelagos LHD watches are ergonomic, regardless of which is your dominant hand, and are tailored to every aquatic environment, specifically "saturation” dives, due to the helium escape valve. 


TUDOR Pelagod Divers Watch


The Pelagos FXD model, created in connection with the French Navy's combat swimmers, allows the wearer to efficiently perform countdowns during "oxygen” dives where the diver does not descend to the great depths that require decompression stops.   


The Pelagos 39 is an all-around brilliant tool watch that performs just as well above shore as below sea level. It meets all the ISO standards for a divers' watch whilst still being an aesthetic and stylish watch that anyone would be proud to flaunt on their wrist. 


Tudor Pelagos 39 Technical Specifications 






39 mm grade 2 titanium case with satin finish 



Grade 2 titanium unidirectional rotating bezel with insert in sunray satin finish ceramic and luminous material 



Grade 2 titanium screw-down crown, adorned with the TUDOR shield in relief 



Black sunray satin finish with sandblasted flange 



Sapphire crystal 



Waterproof to 200 m (660 ft) 



Titanium three-link bracelet with TUDOR “T-fit” folding clasp, safety catch and diver’s extension. Complimentary black rubber strap with pin buckle and diver’s extension included in the box 



Manufacture Calibre MT5400 

Self-winding mechanical movement with a bidirectional rotor system 



The Swiss Chronometer is officially certified by the COSC (Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute) 



Hours, minutes and seconds hands at the centre 

Stop-seconds for precise time setting 



Variable inertia balance, micro-adjustment screw 

Non-magnetic silicon balance spring 

Frequency: 28,800 beats/hour (4 Hz) 



30.3 mm 



5 mm 



27 jewels 



Approximately 70 hours 


TUDOR Pelagos 39 Divers Watch