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Tudor Pelagos Watches

TUDOR’s Pelagos model features their greatest depth rating of 500m – and top-notch materials. A true staple mechanical diving wristwatch.

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History of TUDOR Pelagos watches 

No watch tells the TUDOR story as well as the Pelagos. With origins dating back to some of the first watches produced by Rolex’s sister brand, namely the Submariner, as well as more recent models, such as the Black Bay range, Pelagos watches are some of TUDOR’s best selling and most advanced timepieces.


The brief for the Pelagos was simple - to make the perfect modern diving watch. Taking inspiration from the past, and fitting it into a stripped back, contemporary design, TUDOR exceeded expectations. 


The Pelagos models chosen by both professional and amateur divers, as well as collectors and the typically proud watch-wearer, were introduced by TUDOR in 2012. However, their design, functions and features are similar to previous models and in many ways, the Pelagos line combines some of the very best features of earlier models to create a highly functional, exceptionally designed and incredibly popular wristwatch. 


Since the release of the first model, it has been hard to identify any obvious points for improvement. Aside from some minor tweaks over the years, including a left hand crown version and a switch to an in-house movement, very little has changed from the original. 


Key features of TUDOR Pelagos watches 

With the status of a perfect modern day diving watch, TUDOR Pelagos watches are fitted with some top-notch features and specifications, including:


  • Durable, lightweight titanium case 
  • Water resistance up to 500m 
  • Scratch-proof ceramic bezel 
  • Models fitted with in-house movement boast a 70 hour power reserve, while ETA calibre models remain wound for an equally as impressive 42 hours
  • Steel folding clasp with unique auto-adjustable spring mechanism developed and patented by TUDOR
  • COSC certified chronometer 
  • Helium escape valve 
  • Unidirectional rotating bezel 


TUDOR Pelagos men’s watches 

The TUDOR Pelagos collection includes some exceptional models for men. Although diving watches by nature, with features and functions that go above and beyond any professional diver’s needs and expectations, the sleek and sophisticated design of watches in the range expands their wearbilty. 


Consequently Pelagos watches can be worn by men in both everyday and formal business settings, and then transitioned between the two when the occasion arises. 


Notable models for men from the collection include:



TUDOR Pelagos automatic watches

Watches in the TUDOR Pelagos range are fitted with an automatic, or what is often referred to as a self-winding, movement type. This means watches harness energy from the movement of a wearer’s wrist in order to wind the mainspring components of the watch and keep it ticking. 

With their long-lasting power reserves, watches can be left unworn for a number of days, or perhaps over a weekend, and remain functional when picked back up. Although, in order to maintain a Pelagos watch’s condition, it is recommended that it is kept in a watch winder. For more information about caring for and maintaining the condition of your TUDOR watch, speak to our customer service team today.