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The Symbolism of Royal Engagement Rings

Engagement rings worn by royalty will never not be a source of intrigue and discussion and a subject that is guaranteed to set a new trends and heighten demand for certain stones and styles of ring.
The Symbolism of Royal Engagement Rings

Diamonds have been synonymous with engagement rings for decades however, there are several other semi-precious stones that have proven to be worthy alternatives; sapphire, ruby and emerald to name a few. These stones each have their own spiritual meanings and are regularly chosen by many brides-to-be who are looking for something different to a diamond, including many royal brides through the ages.


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Sapphire Engagement Rings, the Stone of Faithfulness & Good Fortune

Arguably the most discussed engagement ring of the British royal family is Kate Middleton’s 12 carat oval sapphire engagement ring surrounded by a halo of sparkling diamonds. The famous sapphire ring was inherited by William from Princess Diana, who used it to propose to Kate in October 2010. In spiritual terms, sapphires are said to signify honesty, sincerity, faithfulness and good fortune, which makes them a perfect choice for an engagement ring. Royal blue sapphire rings are also said to have links to the highest celestial powers of hope and faith, providing regal and mystical protection, perfect for a princess or queen. Kate Middleton isn’t the only royal to wear a beautiful blue sapphire ring, the Queen’s daughter, Princess Anne sports a stunning blue gem from her now husband Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence.


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Ruby Engagement Rings, the Stone of Nobility

The ruby has been a popular choice for regal brides over the years, one of the most recent being Sarah Ferguson, Prince Andrew’s ex-wife who wore a beautiful Burmese ruby at the centre of a flower of glittering diamonds. The ruby makes a unique alternative to a diamond engagement ring signifying desire, passion, love and is deemed the stone of nobility. It’s not just royals who have a pendant for rubies but royals of the entertainment industry do too, with one of Victoria Beckham’s engagement rings from her 15 ring collection, being a giant oval ruby with a diamond halo. Katy Perry’s engagement ring from her now husband Orlando Bloom is a vintage central oval ruby inspired by a daisy. A fun fact about this ring is it was actually bought in Dublin in Delphi Antiques in Powerscourt Townhouse shopping centre and is rumoured to have cost him €4.8 million.


Emerald Engagement Rings, the Stone of Love and Peace

In 1937 King Edward VIII proposed to American divorcee Wallis Simpson with a 19.77 carat emerald engagement ring from Cartier. The colour green is associated with luck with an emerald engagement ring signifying a lucy, blessed marriage. Emeralds are also believed to symbolise love, peace, hope, and in ancient time, it represented Gods and carried sacred religious significance. Hollywood royalty Halle Berry wears a 4 carat emerald flanked by two diamonds on a yellow gold band. Actress and director Olivia Wilde also boasts a stunning central diamond with a surrounding halo of several emerald stones.


Aquamarine Engagement Rings, the Union of the Moon & Sea

Although it isn’t considered a conventional engagement ring, Meghan Markle dazzled a 13ct emerald-cut Aquamarine gemstone with glittering diamonds either side on her wedding day. This stunning ring was also an heirloom passed down from the late Princess Diana. Aquamarine is said to represent the union of the moon and sea and is associated with several magical and mystical symbols. Aquamarine signifies trust, tranquillity, fidelity and harmony.


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Coloured Diamonds and how Nitrogen Plays a Part

Moving more into Hollywood royalty rather than the royal family, there have been some fabulous coloured diamonds that have walked the red carpets. Notably Blake Lively’s solitaire pink diamond on a perfectly matching rose gold band from her now-husband Ryan Reynolds. The pink diamond is the rarest of all coloured diamonds, and is such a wonderful choice for an engagement ring symbolizing love, tenderness, romance, happiness and is said to enhance creative expression. Another popular choice of coloured diamond amongst entertainment industry royalty is the yellow diamond. Carrie Underwood sports a stunning 6ct yellow diamond with a white diamond halo and pave diamond shanks. The yellow colour of the diamond is created by the presence of nitrogen and is said to be the stone of happiness, optimism, cheer and everlasting love, making it a natural choice for an engagement ring.