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Jaeger-LeCoultre Announce Anya Taylor-Joy As A New Brand Ambassador

Jaeger-LeCoultre has released its brand-new ambassador, and it is none other than the rising star and dazzling actress Anya Taylor-Joy.
Jaeger-LeCoultre Announce Anya Taylor-Joy As A New Brand Ambassador

Jaeger-LeCoultre’s New Ambassador 

Jaeger-LeCoultre has released its brand-new ambassador, and it is none other than the rising star and dazzling actress Anya Taylor-Joy. Anya made her Jaeger-debut in a new video from the Maison, called 'The Call of the Heart’ which features her receiving a phone call to welcome her into La Grande Maison.  


In the short video, Anya is sporting the iconic Reverso Duetto Small in pink gold. This stunning timepiece features two dials: silver-white and the reverse dial black with diamond-set gadroons.  


The inspiration for the video comes directly from the brand's heritage and links to a phone call that profoundly impacts the Manufacture LeCoultre. In 1903, Jaques-David LeCoultre made a call to Edmond Jaeger, a Parisian watchmaker, during which he accepted the challenge of creating an ultra-thin watch movement. 


This phone call between the two watchmakers started a long and productive alliance and was the spark that grew to form the burning flame that is now Jaeger-LeCoultre.  


Anya Taylor Joy


Current CEO of Jaeger-LeCoultre Catherine Rénier said: "The encounter with Anya was meant to be. Her long family history with polo and interest in watchmaking led us to a natural partnership." Anya's elegance is a perfect match for Jaeger-LeCoultre. Rénier said: "With her ethereal beauty, her sensitivity, her talent and hardworking ethics, she embodies the values and style of our Maison."  


It is no secret that Anya Taylor-Joy is one of the most exciting and promising talents of her generation. With her grace, beauty and poise, she truly is the embodiment of modern femininity.  


Her ability to perform on-screen is undeniable; her presence is otherworldly yet striking; she captures an audience with her entire being and keeps them enthralled in the world of the film.   


A Bit About Anya Taylor Joy 

Anya was born in Miami to British-Argentine parents. She was raised in Buenos Aires and London and is fluent in Spanish and English.   


Anya has been a performer since a young age, training in dance and participating in school productions as a teenager. At the ripe age of 17, Anya was scouted outside a Harrods store in London and became a model under the condition that acting would always be her main passion and pursuit.   


Anya Taylor Joy Brand Ambassador Jaeger LeCoultre


Downton Abbey actor Allen Leech spotted Anya after she had done some modelling in promotion for the TV series and introduced her to his agent, saying he saw real potential in her.   


After signing with this agent, Anya started her career in TV and Film, and after a few smaller features, she landed her breakthrough role in a period horror film, The Witch.  


The film was directed by Robert Eggers and premiered at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival. Critics heavily praised Anya Taylor-Joy's performance.   


This spring boarded Anya's career, and roles in TV, movies and music videos were coming in quickly. Her next notable role was in the 2016 thriller Split opposite James McAvoy. In the following years, Anya received several nominations and awards for her various roles. In 2019, she landed a recurring character in the beloved-by-many TV series Peaky Blinders.    


Anya Taylor Joy Peaky Blinders


In 2020 Anya Taylor Joy's rise to fame started to pick up. She starred in Autumn de Wilde's adaptation of Jane Austin's Emma. She was the main character in Netflix's chess-themed miniseries The Queen's Gambit, which quickly became Netflix's most extensive scripted limited series to date.  


The performances in this series were critically acclaimed and ended up winning Anya Taylor Joy a Golden Globes Award, a Screen Actor's Guild Award and a Critics Choice Television Award.  


More recently, in 2021, Anya starred in Edgar Wright's psychological horror Last Night in Soho. In 2022, she reunited with Robert Eggers for a role in his 10th-century thriller drama The Northman. Both films have received positive critical reception, proving that Anya Taylor Joy's career is on an upwards trajectory, and there is no sign of it slowing down.   


The 26-year-old starlet's subsequent appearances will be in David O. Russell's Amsterdam, where she will perform amongst Christian Bale and Margot Robbie, and then Mark Mylod's comedy-horror The Menu with Ralph Fiennes and Nicolas Hoult. Currently, she is filming on the set of Furiosa, a Mad Max prequel set to hit screens in the Spring of 2024. 


The Reverso Classic Duetto 


Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso Classic Duetto


As previously mentioned, the beautiful watch delicately displayed on Anya's wrist is the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Classic Duetto. Anya truly is the personification of this magnificent timepiece; she encapsulated the elegance of another era with a modern and contemporary twist.  


The Reverso Classic Duetto features an undeniable Art Deco aesthetic that ultimately becomes iconic to the brand. The rectangular case, reversibility of the dials and gadroons embedded with diamonds are featured distinct to a Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso.


This watch is inspired by Reverso's created in the late 1930s, which becomes evident in its elegant, sophisticated design.  


This new version of the Duetto offers the opportunity to feature its double set of hands in two different and complementary settings. The Reverso Classic contains the original three-lined gadroons and 12 Arabic numerals, two-tone finished dials and sword hands which are all elevated by an inside cradle finished with circular graining resembling the refined finishes also on its calibre.  


This timepiece is designed to be admired. It is a beautiful piece of watchmaking and jewellery and illuminates the wrist of the wearer. It is an ultimately feminine watch that is seductive, sophisticated, timeless and contemporary. The perfect piece to welcome Anya Taylor-Joy to the Jaeger-LeCoultre family.   


Jaeger LeCoultre Brand Ambassador Art Work