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Pairing Your Gemstone Jewellery With Your Summer Wardrobe

Warmer weather and longer days can only mean one thing - summer is approaching.
Pairing Your Gemstone Jewellery With Your Summer Wardrobe

Warmer weather and longer days can only mean one thing - summer is approaching. And with COVID-19 restrictions beginning to ease, outfit planning for all the public outings and events has moved up the priority list.


Of course, jewellery is an essential part of any look. In summer in particular, there are few better sights than a beautiful accessory glistening under the sun but the trick is all in how you work your favourite gemstone jewellery in with your outfit.


From colours, lengths, sizes and styles, there are many different things to consider before putting on a bracelet, necklace, ring or anything else and finishing off your look. So, to give you a bit of guidance, we’ve put together a few tips and suggestions when it comes to gemstone jewellery. 


Gemstone jewellery is available in just about every style you can imagine. Pieces are also incredibly popular for their personal meanings and beautiful designs. However, due to their distinctive colors, we can often find ourselves feeling stuck when it comes to pairing them with the perfect outfit that compliments and shows off their charm. 


Some of the most common types of gemstones include emeralds, sapphires, rubies, citrine, amethyst, pearls and not forgetting, diamonds. All of them can be worn for both formal and casual occasions. 


So, depending on your event or occasion this summer, here’s how to perfectly pair a piece of gemstone jewellery to your outfit. 


Picnics in the park 

Spending long, warm summer days at the park with family and friends is a favourite pastime for many. The occasion typically calls for a casual, comfortable outfit, perhaps a flowy summer dress or a pair of shorts. When basking in the sun, it’s always sensible to opt for lighter colours, and maybe even floral or other stylish prints. 


So, when it comes to jewellery, it’s best to keep it simple. Dainty diamond pendants, like this round brilliant one for example, look great with every colour and print. It’s small and subtle enough to wear on casual occasions on its own, and can even be layered with other simple pieces to create a statement. 


The beauty of a diamond in these scenarios is in how it will shine and sparkle in the light. While other gemstones might not glisten the same, they still make great pairings for casual picnic outfits. The green of an emerald for example, makes it ideal for days spent outdoors among nature, and especially when worn with floral designs. Or, you can opt for a gemstone in the same colour as the details of your outfit. 


Summer BBQs 

BBQs that span long afternoons and evenings are some of the most enjoyable events of the summer calendar. And this year, with some restrictions still in place for travelling and mingling in public places, we’re certain that ‘at home’ parties will be uber stylish and make the most of the dressing up opportunity. 


Both outfits and jewellery need to be able to transition from day to night, while also remaining incredibly comfortable and effortless. Therefore, our suggestion is to have fun with statement colours such as ruby, emerald, aquamarine and citrine pieces, whether it’s a pendant, bracelet, or even a pair of earrings. We’d recommend choosing just one statement piece, rather than matching alike items, as this tends to look more polished and proper. 


Summer weddings 

With bigger weddings making a welcome return this summer, they remain an occasion to go all out and look our best. For brides, diamonds and pearls will always be the perfect choice to pair with a beautiful gown, no matter whether it’s laced, embellished, silky or something else.


But as the tradition goes, you may also be seeking something blue, in which case, a tanzanite, aquamarine or sapphire piece of jewellery might be the answer. This elegant pair of sapphire, diamond and white gold drop earrings, for example, are a subtle nod to the tradition yet special enough to wear on your big day. 


For wedding guests on the other hand, there are no rules. While diamonds are classic, timeless and go with just about every outfit, other gemstone pieces can be worn to make subtle statements alongside more toned down looks. 


Dinner events

Whether it’s a date with your significant other, or a catch up with friends, who doesn’t enjoy dressing a little fancier and going out for dinner? For more formal occasions, where comfort isn’t necessarily the number one priority as we’ll be sitting for most of the evening, we can be a lot more daring with our choice of jewellery. 


Of course, diamonds are an obvious choice for a sleek, classic and stylish look. Diamond jewellery can instantly transform an outfit, no matter how simple it may be without. Therefore, try pairing a timeless black or white dress, or maybe even a romantic red number, with a pair of diamond earrings and statement necklace. Or, you can never go wrong with something a little more subtle such as a simple diamond tennis bracelet.


To add some flare to your outfit, gemstone pieces are a more appropriate choice. While these can showcase diamonds too, the pops of colour make a real statement and really help elevate the look. Sapphires and rubies are incredibly chic and elegant, which makes them perfect for more formal dinner events.


While we’ve provided you with some tips and ideas, ultimately, it all comes down to what makes you feel good because if you feel good, your confidence will shine through.


So with that in mind, discover our full collection of gemstone jewellery online today and find a piece that will make you glow this summer.