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May 2, 2017

The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Perfect Engagement Ring

A proposal of marriage is a moment that is filled with anxiety, anticipation, and sheer excitement, all at once! Choosing the perfect ring for your loved one plays a very important role in one of the most memorable and exciting decisions of your life.
At Paul Sheeran Jewellers, we understand the significance of the engagement ring and we know how important it is to have expert advice that will help you to make an informed decision.

Best proposal - engagement ring
We’ve put together a few things to think about when choosing the perfect engagement ring for your future wife.

You can always get in touch if you have any more questions, as our expert diamond graders will be delighted to help you.

Let’s start!

What’s her style?
An engagement ring is the ring that a woman will wear every day and for every occasion, so it’s highly important to consider the style that your future fiancée prefers.
We recommend you pay attention to the Jewellery she wears and also ask family members or best friends for a little help. We believe they might have an idea about the ring of her dreams!

**** HINT: You could buy a ‘promise ring’ for the proposal and then pick the engagement ring together if you want to be sure she will love it! ****


Metal, shape and setting…

There are a few more things to think about after considering her style preferences:

Diamond shape: will she love a classic and timeless round cut or something different like a marquise or oval cut? You must know what shape your future fiancée loves.

Metal: there are a variety of metals to choose from. The most popular choice is platinum (it’s known to be a very durable metal), but gold comes in a variety of colours – yellow, white and rose – that can add a special hue to the ring.
Settings: Solitaire, Diamond Shoulders, Pave or Three Stone can all enhance a stone and make a ring simply unique!
If you head over to our Engagement Ring page, you can filter by each of the above options to get some ideas of the variations available.

If you head over to our Engagement Ring page, you can filter by each of the above options to get some ideas of the variations available.

Which diamond…?

When it comes to diamonds there are four general things to consider when picking out the stone for an engagement ring and they’re known as the 4Cs: Cut, Colour. Clarity, Carat.

Here’s an overview of what they are:

  • Cut has the greatest effect on a diamond’s sparkle as it allows a diamond to make the best use of light.
  • Colour varies in a diamond, from colourless to light yellow or light brown. A colourless diamond results in light being dispersed as the colours of the rainbow.
  • Clarity refers to “inclusions” in a diamond. The fewer the inclusions, the more beautiful the diamond will be.
  • Carat: Two diamonds can be of equal carat-weight, but their value can differ greatly due to their cut, colour, and clarity.

Learn more about the 4Cs here.

Ultimate guide to buying an engagement ring

How do I know what size engagement ring to buy?

There are a few ways you can get the size right, but you MUST make sure you use a ring from the correct finger (left hand ring finger) if you’re thinking of borrowing one!
You can also print out the Paul Sheeran ring size guide here.
Match one of her rings to the right size and bring it in to us. If you want more advice on how a ring should fit, check out our useful guide here.

Please note that in our in-house workshop, our goldsmiths can always resize the ring and make it the right size.

Perfect engagement ring - workshop

How do I set a budget for an engagement ring?

Our advice is to get an idea of what price range will suit your needs and set your budget. Of course, you’ll need to browse through some engagement rings first, keeping in mind what style you’ve decided to go for.
Your focus should be on quality and finding something that both of you will be pleased with and love forever.
Our range of engagement rings suits all budgets and our team of experts will work with you in finding the perfect ring for your future wife.

And that’s it, you’re ready to buy a ring and propose…

Once you’ve all of the information about the ring and the person it’s bought for, you’re ready to browse through our range of diamond engagement rings and pick your perfect match.

You can make an appointment for a consultation with Paul Sheeran Jewellers to discuss your needs and pick out the perfect, sparkly diamond ring!

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