The 4Cs

Before you begin looking at engagement rings, it is worth familiarising yourself with the four ‘C’s of a diamond: cut, colour, clarity and carat.


Diamond cut

Of all the 4Cs, cut has the greatest effect on a diamond’s beauty and sparkle. It is the cut that allows a diamond to make the best use of light.

In determining the quality of the cut, the more precise the cut, the more captivating the diamond is to the eye. Every diamond regardless of its shape gets it radiance by the cut.


Diamond color

In the range from colourless to light yellow or light brown, colourless diamonds are the rarest and most valuable. However, some people prefer the warmer glow of the yellow tinted diamonds.

A totally colourless diamond allows light to pass through it easily, resulting in the light being dispersed as the colours of the rainbow.


Diamond clarity

Most diamonds contain very tiny birthmarks known as “inclusions.” An inclusion can interfere with the light passing through the diamond. The fewer the inclusions, the more beautiful the diamond will be.

Diamonds have the capability of producing more brilliance than any other gemstone. No diamond is perfectly pure, the closer it comes, the higher its value.


Diamond carat

Carat weight is the most objective of the 4Cs. It involves no estimates, comparisons or judgments. Bigger isn’t necessarily better, two diamonds can be of equal carat-weight, but their value can differ greatly due to their cut, colour, and clarity.

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