Traditional, attentive service is as important to us as the product we sell.

As a privately owned, family jeweller, we are committed to offering a range of thoughtfully tailored services that means our after-sales care is up to the same standard as the service you receive when you make your first purchase from us.

Jewellery services

  • Bespoke Design

    Creating a unique piece of jewellery, handmade to your very own design, is the ultimate luxury experience.

    If you need some inspiration and help with your design ideas our team of experts will work with you, guiding you step by step through the design and craft process to ensure your dreams are realised.

    Whatever your inspiration, we can offer creative input on all levels to help translate your thoughts into working designs. We can work on projects small or large, tailoring designs to suit your budget, with our experienced team of goldsmiths and gem-setters offering their services.

    Why not make an appointment for a consultation with one of our design team? We would love to hear your ideas and work with you to make your gem-set dreams come true.

    Learn more about our bespoke service.

  • Clean and Polish

    Bring back the sparkle to your jewellery with our jewellery cleaning service.
    Jewellery gets scratched and scuffed from every day wear, however, we can polish rings and jewellery to a smooth shine.
    With our proper jewellery care, your jewellery will look good for a lifetimes wear. We take care of your treasured items and give them a new lease of life.

  • Repair and Remodeling


    Breathe new life into your jewellery with our in-house repair service.
    Every day wear and tear can mean your jewellery needs some professional tender loving care.
    We understand the great sentimental value of rings, especially wedding and engagement rings, and we always take the upmost care with all the jewellery we repair.
    We offer a complimentary ring checking service to our customers.
    Please feel free to pop into our boutique on 7-8 Johnsons Court (Dublin 2) to have your ring examined.
    We want to help you keep your jewellery as beautiful as the day you bought it. That’s why we offer an extensive range of repair services such as:

    • engagement ring refurbishment
    • Diamond and gemstone resetting and replacement. We offer a multitude of natural gemstones precious stones and diamonds in a variety of shapes and sizes.
    • improve the brilliance and lustre of diamonds
    • Re-threading of pearls and other beaded necklaces
    • Repairs and replacements to catches, shanks, settings and clasps

    Jewellery Remodelling

    Have you inherited a diamond ring and do not like the setting? We can transform your unwanted jewellery into gorgeous, statement pieces. The process is carried out by our expert goldsmiths in our boutique. Since 1990 we understand the importance of sentimental value. We care about the significance of jewellery given by loved ones, or inherited from previous generations. Re-styling can sensitively give your jewellery a new lease of life.

  • Ring Refurbishment

    Using state of the art equipment your heirlooms will be professional cleaned, polished and rhodium plated with the utmost care. During cleaning, our goldsmith will also inspect and check your jewellery and advise if any attention is required.

  • Rhodium Plating

    Your jewellery can be brought back to life. We give a new appearance to your most treasured jewels. We can repolish and rhodium plate your engagement ring, restoring the ring to its sparking glory. Rhodium plating makes jewellery more durable.

    Jewellery made from white gold discolours over time. Once white gold is Re-rhodiumed the white metal will restore its elegance shine and sparkle.

  • Pearl Stringing

    Does your be-loved pearl necklace, gemstone necklace or bead necklace need restringing?
    We string pearls with closely tied knots between each one to minimise wear, separating each pearl and giving the necklace the maximum flexibility.
    Your pearls are an investment. Bring new life back into your prised pearls.
    A little care can go a long way toward ensuring your pearls remain safe and bright for years to come!
    If you wear your pearls a lot they will need restringing every year or so.

  • Antique Jewellery restoration

    Do you have an old piece of jewellery that has lost its lustre?
    We take the most effective steps to bring your ring and jewellery back to their former glory.
    With antique jewellery restoration, our goldsmiths will select the perfect way to return each jewel to its best. Whatever you are looking to have them restored or fixed, you can be sure that our staff have the expertise necessary to do so.
    We can repair most intricate of family heirlooms.

  • Proposal Ring

    Secretly, most women know what type of ring they’d like and they may even have dropped a few hints to you. If the proposal is a surprise then you must pick the ring without any help from your bride to be.

    Take the safer and more romantic route and buy her a “Proposal Ring”, this will act as a temporary engagement ring.

    The Proposal Ring allows you to conduct a romantic proposal and will ensure that your bride-to-be gets the engagement ring she has always dreamed of.

    Join us in our boutique with your fiancée, and pick out her dream ring.

    Paul Sheeran Jewellers has designed two breathtakingly elegant “proposal rings” made from white gold and diamonds. Both are exquisite, gift wrapped in the renowned Paul Sheeran Jewellers presentation box, and are sure to elicit the response you’re hoping for!

    These rings are a mere/worth €500 which will be redeemable from the cost of her dream ring. Furthermore, we will engrave and resize her proposal ring if required.

  • Ring Size Guide

    We would like to help you find your ring size to make your online shopping experience effortless.

    First we would like to give you some advice. Your ring should go over your knuckle snugly, and sit comfortably at the base of your finger.

    • Temperature, humidity, and exercise can affect the size of your fingers. We recommend you measure your finger at room temperature, and if you are prone to swelling, have the ring half a size larger.
    • Remember right and left hands are different: so do not assume finger sizes are the same on both hands.
    • For bands that are wider than 10mm, you should consider getting a half or one size up (depending upon the width) as it will be more comfortable to wear.
    • Liquid hand soap is the best lubricant for getting tight rings on and off. Just rub a little soap over your knuckle and the ring will slide off effortlessly.

    Click here and print a ring size guide, to find your particular size.

    Please, before printing, be sure to uncheck the “fit to page” option and set the page scaling to “none” or set custom scaling to “100%” on the printing options settings.

  • Jewellery Care

    We have come up with some tips on how to help you to prevent jewellery from becoming tarnished and damaged. Here you can learn more about jewellery care.

    Understanding how to care for your treasured jewellery can make a world of difference in maintaining its beauty and sparkle for generations to come.
    Taking the time to keep your jewellery clean after wearing can significantly reduce tarnish.
    Here there are a few tips to maintain your jewellery:
    • Clean using warm water, mild soap and a soft bristled toothbrush.
    • Use a soft cloth to polish jewellery.
    • Please remove your jewellery when near beauty products such as hair spray, cosmetics or perfume as this can discolour the jewellery.Never wear pearl earrings or necklaces when you’re having your hair coloured – the chemicals can damage the pearls’ sheen.
    • Do not wear jewellery when using household cleaners; you should remove your jewellery if you’re doing any manual labour, including housework.
    • Pay attention with diamonds: one can scratch another so it’s best to store them separately.
    • Handle gems and pearls as little as possible; the natural oils on your skin can dull the stone.
    • Some gems, especially emeralds, are enhanced by oils, so don’t rub them too hard. We can also re-oil them for you if you feel that the colour is fading.

  • Valuations

    Expert valuations are provided by our qualified valuer for jewellery, watches and diamonds, issuing certificates for insurance purposes where required.

  • Engraving

    Sometimes that special gift just needs a more personal touch. Occasionally what you want to say is so unique that you want your loved one to be able to keep it and treasure it forever.  We can make your wishes come true with help from our expert engraving service.

    Many of our products, both jewellery and watches, can be personalized with an engraved inscription or monogram. Any special occasion can be remembered, whether it’s a love note inside a wedding band, a commemorative quotation on a christening gift or initials on a piece of silverware, we would be delighted to discuss your requirements and collaborate on design.

Watch services

  • Watch Services and Repairs

    Keep your watch looking as good as new. Our watch repair services can give your watch a refresh.
    • Replace and test batteries
    • Replace broken or worn straps
    • Adjust bracelet straps to the perfect size
    • Repair bracelet clasps
    • General servicing
    • Test water resistance (if applicable)

    We have an extensive selection of watch straps and batteries that can be fitted in-store. Batteries can also be fitted for water resistant watches, subject to a longer waiting time

    All our repairs are guaranteed 12 months. Your statutory rights are not affected.

    How long will a repair take?

    Most standard repairs will be available for collection within 2-3 weeks, but more complicated repairs may take a little longer. Our staff will be able to give you a timeframe once they’ve seen the work that needs to be done.

    How much will it cost?

    This depends on the type of watch and what work is required. Speak to a member of staff about your specific repair, and we will give you a FREE estimate.

  • Watch Care

    Keep your watch looking as good as new.

    How should I clean my watch?

    Every so often wipe your watch case and bracelet with a soft, dry cloth, to help prevent dust and grime building up.

    How do I look after my waterproof watch?

    Even if your watch is water resistant, you must still clean and dry the case and bracelet after contact with water. We strongly recommend you have the water resistance tested annually to avoid any mishaps!

    Other handy tips

    • Avoid direct contact with many everyday items such as perfume and hairspray. These contain chemical compounds which can affect the appearance of your watch.
    • Watch glass is often made of hardened glass or crystal, making it highly resistant to scratching or marking. Damage can occur, however, if the glass comes into contact with particularly hard materials.
    • To keep your watch looking as good as new, ask our staff in store about the cleaning range – an all-in-one solution to cleaning, protecting and storing your watches and jewellery.
  • Valuations

    Expert valuations are provided by our qualified valuer for jewellery, watches and diamonds, issuing certificates for insurance purposes where required.

  • Watch glossary

  • Engraving

    Sometimes that special gift just needs a more personal touch. Occasionally what you want to say is so unique that you want your loved one to be able to keep it and treasure it forever.  We can make your wishes come true with help from our expert engraving service.

    Many of our products, both jewellery and watches, can be personalized with an engraved inscription or monogram. Any special occasion can be remembered, whether it’s a love note inside a wedding band, a commemorative quotation on a christening gift or initials on a piece of silverware, we would be delighted to discuss your requirements and collaborate on design.

Other Services

  • Flexi-Fi Finance

    Interest Free Finance Terms Available*

    Paying for your Watches and Jewellery is now even easier! We have become a registered partner with Flexi-Fi so you can now spread the cost of your Paul Sheeran Purchase; an easy alternative to paying with cash or credit card.

    For more information on finance options click here

  • Online Discount Code

    Receive 10% on selected items for your first online order if you subscribe to our newsletter.

    For full terms & conditions click here.


  • Tax Free Shopping

    Paul Sheeran Jewellers is proud to offer Tax Free Shopping service to our visiting customers.

    How does it work?
    When shopping in Ireland non-EU residents are entitled to claim VAT back on items purchased which are brought home at the end of your visit. VAT in Ireland is 23% however the available VAT content for refund is 18.70% from which a small handling fee is deducted by the Refund Agency.

    When shopping always ask for a Tax Free Worldwide refund. In Paul Sheeran Jewellers you are able to avail of their instant tax refund option if you pay by Non-EU credit card. Before you make the purchase, you will be asked to provide some of your details in order to complete a tax free form. The information required includes: Name, Address, Passport Number, Arrival and Departure dates from the EU, Credit Card number and your Signature. Once the form is completed, a Paul Sheeran Jewellers team member will deduct the tax refund from your purchase price saving you up to 17% on any purchase.

    Please sign and complete the tax free form prior to returning it to Tax Free Worldwide. Completed forms can be returned to the Tax Free Worldwide airport desks or mailed back to the Tax Free Worldwide office upon your return home. You will be asked to sign a Customer Declaration form in store which will entitle Tax Free Worldwide to recharge the full sales tax amount back from your credit card if you do not return your tax free form to Tax Free Worldwide within 60 days of the purchase date.

    A Customs Stamp is only required if your form has a sales value greater than €2,000. Customs Courtesy Telephones are available in the Arrivals Hall of both terminals in Dublin Airport. For all other sales values your completed form can be returned directly to Tax Free Worldwide.

    High Value Sales (over €2,000)
    Please present your form to Customs prior to leaving the country. A Customs Courtesy phone is located in the Arrivals Hall of both terminals in Dublin Airport. Customs will need to see your completed tax free form, goods, passport and flight details. Once stamped you can return your form to the Tax Free Worldwide desk or mail the form to the Tax Free Worldwide office upon returning home. If you have any difficulty contacting Customs please proceed to the Tax Free Worldwide desk where staff will assist you.

  • Gift Cards

    The Paul Sheeran Gift Card solves your every gift-giving indecision.

    This Christmas, give something extraordinary with a luxuriously wrapped Paul Sheeran Gift Card.

    Whether they’re a regular Paul Sheeran Jewellers shopper or new to our luxury world, these thoughtful gift cards can be used to buy the most elegant gifts.

  • Corporate gifts

    We have a wide range of corporate gifts that can be used as rewards/incentives, retirement gifts and Christmas gifts for staff or customers. Companies are able to tailor their corporate gifts to suit their requirements. We can also engrave certain pieces with a name, message or company logo.

  • Gift wrapping

    All of our products come in beautifully designed gift boxes. A strikingly wrapped present heightens the sense of anticipation for the person fortunate to receive it.

    Our gift wrapping service allows our online customers to receive just as much care and attention as our in-house customers and will ultimately provide the finishing touch to your gift.

    With Paul Sheeran Jewellers’, custom gift wrapping service, you can be sure that your gift will make a special impression, because at Paul Sheeran Jewellers the art of presentation matters.


Lovely to meet you yesterday Paul. Not only have I found my Wedding band but you sparkled up my engagement ring. Looking forward to my return to Dublin to place an order on the dream sparkle piece xx
Dawn Louise Kirton
Dawn Louise K.
Best customer service I've ever received. Angela truly knows her stuff and I couldn't of asked for better. To be honest, everyone was super helpful and friendly. Highly recommend to anyone.
Raisa O'Brien
Raisa O.
A lovely Jewellers and watch shop. Called in to get a link added to my Milanese’s strap on my Breitling.. all done very quickly and gave a couple of watch pins with no charge despite me buying watch elsewhere.Lovely staff..would highly recommend.
Robert G Hughes
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Thank you very much to Paul and team for a fantastic service as always. Best value shop for luxury jewellery and watches in Dublin with outstanding after service.
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Always great service. I've acquired several pieces of jewellery over the past 15+ years and it is great to see some of the same people still there
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Such wonderful service. Everything about my buying experience was made so special. Their customer service goes above and beyond. I bought a beautiful Longines watch and they took time to show me everything about it. Great experience I will definitely be back! Thanks!
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Excellent service from start to finish. Highly recommend. I adore my ring. Couldn't fault the ring or the service we received. Top notch. Thank you so much
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Would just like to thank Paul, Orla and all the staff that made us both feel so special yesterday
Eddie Hughes
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Exceptional level of customer service at Paul Sheeran's, extending far beyond point of sale, 7yrs on & consistently provided with 5* service!Thanks to all @ PSJ
Stephanie McGrath
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Thank you so much for your expertise and help today when I popped in looking to have a valuation certificate issued for my jewellery. Your customer service and friendly staff (and breathtaking jewellery!) make it such a pleasure to deal with you over the past 15 years. Also lovely to see the same faces after all these years. Thanks too for the free clean on my rings and earrings, I adore them as much today as the day we bought them.
Niamh Murray
Niamh M.
Loved every minute of my experience in Paul Sheeran and walked away with a spectacular rose gold engagement ring that I can't stop admiring every minute of the day !! Thank you again and again Paul & David ☺️❤️
Alannah Mc
Alannah M.
Courteous, Professional and competitively priced.I have just had the pleasure of organizing my wedding band here.And I have to say out of the 8 or so jewelers I visited I found the team here a pleasure to work with. A very confident and capable approach to dealing with all my queries.Extremely knowledgeable about their products and very friendly.From my initial consultation with Maggie through to finalising my choice today with Orla.I would highly recommend using their services. And look forward to picking up my band in a few weeks.
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