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June 29, 2017

How to clean your luxury watch

As watch enthusiasts, we know that going out without a watch on your wrist is not an option. No matter where you are going or what you are doing, your watch is always part of your outfit.

Wearing a luxury watch on a daily basis means that it can quickly lose its shine due to dirt and oils from skin, lotions and other products.

How to Clean your luxury watch


  • Cleaning a watch is very important and it should be done with care. Keep in mind that water intrusion into the case is very damaging.
  • If you are unsure about the water resistance of your timepiece you should contact a professional.
  • Mild soaps and other cleaners can be used with cloths and brushes to wipe away the dirt from a watch case and bracelet, but you need to do it with lots of care and don’t use anything too abrasive or corrosive in order to avoid scratching the timepiece.

how to clean your luxury watch


Here are some easy recommendations on how to clean your luxury watch:

  • wipe down your watch bracelet every night with a lint-free cloth
  • keep perfumes, colognes and lotions away from your watch. These liquids can get caught in your timepiece.


To ensure your watch runs smoothly for generations, we recommend a professional service once every three to five years.

Batteries in quartz watches will need replacing every two years to ensure accuracy.

At Paul Sheeran Jewellers we offer:

  • a full resealing and pressure testing service for water-resistant watches on the premises in our watch workshop;
  • a professional cleaning service for the case and bracelet of your watch;
  • an expert repair service to ensure your luxury watch enjoys a long life.

For any query please contact us by calling or sending a message.

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