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June 29, 2015

Gemstone jewellery and summer outfits

To help women make the most of the summer fashion season we have put together few tips about colour and how you use it in your clothes and jewellery.
Well co-ordinated jewellery and wardrobe can help you look gorgeous this summer.
Colour is one of the most important aspects of your wardrobe when you choose an outfit.
Most jewellery does not really require coordination, but if you want to impress with your look you can play with gemstone jewellery for sensational outfits!

Gemstone jewellery | Paul Sheeran | Dublin

Gemstones such as ruby, sapphire, emerald, citrine and amethyst have a distinguished appeal that can make your style stand out from the crowd.
Warm colours, such as red to gold tones, look best next to cool colours such as blue to purple.
For example a beautiful citrine necklace fits perfectly with a green top or a purple jacket and blue gemstones work well with yellow and orange, a blue sapphire is perfect on a yellow dress!

Gemstone jewellery | Paul Sheeran | Dublin Gemstone jewellery | Paul Sheeran | Dublin

Gold jewellery works beautifully with black or white dresses adding light to your outfit. Matching these bright and brilliant colours with more soft outfits makes a perfect summer look!

Gemstone jewellery | Paul Sheeran | Dublin

Ideal gemstones for wearing during summer season are peridot, aquamarine, topaz or garnet.
We didn’t forget about diamonds! They are splendid on any coloured outfits!

Gemstone jewellery | Paul Sheeran | Dublin

Here some basic rules to coordinating your wardrobe and jewellery:

– Blue and Green Outfits: white pearls
– Purple outfits: citrine, gold tone jewellery and also green emeralds
– Red outfits: emerald jewellery
– Black and white outfits: any colour
– All outfits: diamonds!

Remember: it’s important to know that primary colours (red, blue and yellow) should be carefully coordinated with secondary colours to bring out the best in you and your look.

At Paul Sheeran Jewellers we offer a phenomenal selection of beautiful gemstone jewellery to make you look great.

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