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About our vintage style engagement rings 

A certain charm exudes from a piece of jewellery or specifically a ring that has stood the test of time. Understandably, these vintage style rings are desired for the history they hold and the tales they tell. Our vintage style engagement ring collection features designs that comprise all the charm and character of an antique, but that are crafted with today’s jewellery standards, ensuring durability and comfort for a lifetime of wear. 

Couples can write their own history with a vintage inspired ring from our extensive collection. 


Types of vintage style engagement rings 

Our collection of vintage style engagement rings includes a variety of styles inspired by different eras of the past. In the collection, you will find designs that incorporate references from various periods, such as the Art Nouveau movement, which is particularly present in the vintage style halo engagement rings and those crafted from platinum, as these were common at the time. 

Similarly, rings featuring trilogy settings, diamond baguettes, architectural-like designs and straight edges and cuts represent Art Deco styles. 

Yellow gold band engagement rings have been around since the beginning of the engagement tradition itself, which is why rings made from this metal type give off an instant classic and timeless look. 

For more vintage inspired engagement ring examples, take a look at the below: 

How to care for a vintage style engagement ring

As our collection features rings that are inspired by vintage designs, but are crafted using today’s techniques, tools and materials, they should be looked after and cared for just like any piece of fine jewellery. 

This includes regular cleaning and polishing, and professional servicing to prevent any damage beyond general wear and tear, and to ensure diamonds or stones remain in the best possible condition. 

This way, your vintage inspired engagement ring will last long enough to write its own chapter in history and can even be passed down through the generations to come. 

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