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About round cut engagement rings 

A round cut engagement ring refers to the shape of the diamond stone, or stones, mounted upon the ring’s band. A round cut stone is characterised by its 58 facet shape and distinctively soft, symmetrical design. 

The round cut is perhaps the most classic of styles when it comes to diamond engagement rings due to the versatility of the shape. In fact, round cut diamonds are available in various sizes, and complement every type of precious metal. 

Similarly, a round cut diamond can be set in a number of different styles. From simple solitaire styles to gorgeous halo designs, there is guaranteed to be a round cut ring suitable for every bride-to-be. 

Round brilliance

Round cut diamonds, or round brilliant diamonds as they are so often called, possess a sparkle that is like no other, explaining exactly why they are such a popular choice when it comes to engagement rings. 

The way in which a round cut stone is shaped enables it to handle and reflect light in the best possible way. Therefore, round cut diamonds are comparably the most sparkly, and ideal for those who really want to make a statement with their engagement ring. 

The brilliance of the stone cut also allows buyers to widen their requirements for diamond clarity, carat and colour. This way, it is likely you’ll be able to find an engagement ring with just as much sparkle for a price that will not overly stretch your budget. 

Why choose a round cut engagement ring?

Due to the popularity of the engagement ring style, you wouldn’t think round cuts need the ‘hard sell’ approach … but if you’re in need of a little more convincing, here are our top reasons for choosing a round cut diamond engagement ring:

  • Unmistakable brilliance
  • Contemporary shape
  • Classic style
  • ‘Budget-friendly’
  • Versatility

Types of round cut engagement rings

Our collection of round cut diamond engagement rings showcases the true versatility of the style of ring. In our range, you’ll be sure to find designs suitable for every taste, budget and style. 

For example, a classic round cut stone in a solitaire setting sits beautifully on yellow and rose gold and platinum bands. The simplicity of the design is ideal for those with a more timeless style, particularly when paired with a traditional yellow gold band, and those who want a ring that is guaranteed to look good throughout its lifetime. 

Round cut diamond rings in a halo setting are another popular choice. Not only does the additional diamond surrounding add extra sparkle to the already-brilliant centre stone, but it also helps enhance the size of the central gem, creating a ring that is guaranteed to make an impact.

Or, for even greater sparkle, a round cut ring with diamond shoulders is the perfect choice. When paired with a platinum band, the lustre is accentuated throughout the entire ring design, creating a style that exudes glamour and luxury. 

For more round cut engagement ring options, be sure to browse our full collection online today.