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The History of Rose Gold Engagement Rings 

It’s hard to imagine a fine jewellery collection that does not contain a piece in rose gold, especially as today, the yellow gold and copper alloy is one of the most adored and popular metal types for everything from engagement rings and pendants to bracelets and earrings.

However, this was exactly the case up until the 19th century, when in Russia, famed jeweller, Carl Fabergé, gave rose gold its start by being one of the first to use the metal in none other than his renowned Fabergé Eggs. 

It wasn’t long before rose gold designs were requested and worn all throughout the Western world, and became regular features on the hands, necks and wrists of the rich and famous. But throughout the decades, rose gold has come in and out of style, just like any fashion item. The most recent surge in demand for engagement rings and jewellery made from the metal, however, has spanned many years, earning it a place among all other types and proving it to be the perfect option for any modern day proposal. 


How is Rose Gold Created?

Rose gold is created by blending pure gold with copper. While gold is quite soft in its natural form, the copper acts as a strengthening element that allows the alloy to withstand greater contact and also gives the metal its pinkish tone. 

However, the strength and colour intensity is dependent upon the ratio of gold to copper. Common rose gold mixes consist of 75% gold and 25% copper, which helps retain value as well as durability. Mixes with a higher copper content are often more pink in tone, while those with more gold can be likened to a champagne colour. 


Why Choose Rose Gold for Your Engagement Ring?

As well as being on-trend and stylish, there are a number of other reasons why you might want to choose rose gold for the band of your engagement ring. Firstly, the colour is representative of elegance and affluence, creating a sense of pride for brides-to-be.

Next, thanks to the copper content, rose gold rings are durable which means they can be worn day in and day out and are able to withstand small knocks without becoming damaged. However, as with any engagement ring, regular servicing appointments are recommended so an expert with a trained eye can inspect the ring closer, including taking a look at any diamonds or stones, to prevent or fix any damages that are not visible at service level. 

And speaking of diamonds and stones, rose gold pairs perfectly with so many, which is another reason to choose the metal for your ring. Classic diamonds are definitely the most popular option and for very obvious reasons, but if you’re looking for something a little more unique, warmer toned or pink hued gemstones, such as morganite, are something to consider.


Types of Rose Gold Engagement Rings

The possibilities with a rose gold engagement ring are endless. Here at Paul Sheeran Jewellers, we have an extensive collection of rose gold rings, with various diamond cuts and shapes to choose from. Some of our favourites include:

Our team also offers a bespoke ring design service allowing you to create the rose gold ring of your dreams. To find out more, get in touch today.