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About princess cut engagement rings 

A princess cut stone is characterised by a geometric design featuring straight edges, sharp corners and a pyramid shape. To the eye, a princess cut diamond stone appears perfectly squared however, in reality, its dimensions are more rectangular. 

For decades, princess cut engagement rings have been a popular choice for proposals. The unique shape of a princess cut stone offers a somewhat traditional design yet still has a contemporary look due to the angular edges of the style of stone. 

Why choose a princess cut engagement ring?

Undeniably, princess cut engagement rings have remained popular for years. The angular shape portrays a style that is both classic and contemporary, creating a ring design that will stand the test of time and can be proudly worn for a lifetime. 

Perhaps the most unique property of a diamond cut engagement ring is its level of brilliance. Unlike most other angular or square cut diamonds, the princess cut preserves a high level of sparkle, making it the perfect choice for a stylish and statement making engagement ring.

The side that sits face up when mounted on an engagement ring band is often the one with the largest surface area. Therefore, a princess cut diamond also looks a lot bigger than stones of the same carat cut into other shapes resulting in an impactful engagement ring that is perfect for your proposal. 

Discover our princess cut engagement ring collection 

The range of princess cut engagement rings available at Paul Sheeran Jewellers showcases the endless possibilities of designs when it comes to this style of ring. Within the collection, you are guaranteed to find a stunning ring design suitable for every taste and budget. 

For example, this classic princess cut solitaire ring is the ideal choice for those wanting a design that makes a subtle statement. The single central stone allows the true beauty and brilliance of the princess cut to shine, while the choice of yellow, gold, rose gold and platinum bands enables you to really make the ring your own. 

The trilogy setting is another popular choice when it comes to princess cut engagement rings. The three stones set side by side add additional dazzle and size to the overall design in order to maximize its’ impact.

For more princess cut engagement ring inspiration, be sure to browse our full collection online today.