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The History of Platinum Engagement Rings 

When we think of a modern day engagement ring, it’s quite common for our minds to instantly picture a stunning platinum piece with eye-catching diamonds. However, what may come as a surprise is that platinum has been used in engagement rings for much longer than you may think. 

The first formal written account of the precious metal type itself was in 1735, where it was examined by Antonio de Ulloa in South America. Although, at that time it was commonly used by habitants of the area to create artefacts and statues due to its resistance to corrosion and high durability. Interestingly, many still considered the metal a nuisance as it interrupted gold mining processes. 

However, as the qualities of platinum were researched and tested over the years, it fast became a highly sought after material that could be used in a variety of industries, from science and engineering, to medicine and eventually, jewellery. 

It wasn’t until the 19th century that refining processes enabled platinum to be extracted efficiently and effectively in its purest form. Consequently, it became much more widely accessible and therefore, more commonly used in jewellery making. 

Today, platinum engagement rings are incredibly popular for a number of reasons. Notably, it’s the metal’s ability to retain its brightness and resistance to daily knocks and scratches that has deemed it extremely desirable for modern day brides-to-be.

However, a ring with all these qualities often comes at a higher price which is why platinum engagement rings are sometimes more expensive than gold, rose gold or white gold rings. But when you consider the lifetime value of such a ring, as well as all the sentimental value it will hold, any costs are soon outweighed. 


Types of Platinum Engagement Rings 

Another quality of platinum which makes it an incredibly popular metal for engagement rings is that it pairs perfectly with all types of diamonds and gemstones. Whether you’re looking to personalise your proposal with a birthstone set in a ring, or are after something with contemporary appeal, a platinum band tends to be a more than suitable base option. 

There are a variety of different types of platinum engagement rings to choose from in our collection. Some of these include: 

We also offer a bespoke design service that enables you to build the ring of your dreams. Find out more or browse the full collection of platinum engagement rings on offer at Paul Sheeran Jewellers online today.