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TUDOR Black Bay: An Introduction 

The TUDOR Black Bay collection was launched in 2012, however, as any avid watch collector will know, the origins of the model dates back to the 1950s. Specifically, it is the famous 1954 TUDOR Submariner that these modern day watches take inspiration from, with a similar look, feel, quality and not forgetting the instantly recognisable Snowflake hands. 

The Black Bay collection comprises some of the most loved divers watches out there, combining everything from heritage, functionality and style in a number of different design variations. Ultimately, there is guaranteed to be Black Bay model for each and every preference. 


Unique features of TUDOR Black Bay watches 

Black Bay watches have achieved worldwide recognition thanks to their unique designs and features. Within the renowned, diverse collection, there are designs which pay tribute to the original Submariner, models which showcase the brand’s commitment and capability to innovation as well as more simplistic models that are ideal for all occasions.

While each type of watch contains its own set of features and functions, here are some of the more unique aspects which perfectly demonstrate why the Black Bay gained its unrivalled reputation:

  • Snowflake hands with luminous weight on hour and second hands for better legibility
  • Big crown for aesthetic flare and function
  • Sleek, classic design that likens the original Submariner model
  • Water resistance

As well as these shared features, certain models are available with chronograph functionality and date complications. Others are available in various metal compositions, colours and bracelet types.


TUDOR Black Bay ladies collections

Within the renowned TUDOR Black Bay collection are some popular variations for women. Unlike many others out there, the Black Bay range for women comprises some highly functional, understated watches that do not follow the typical conventions of the female watch. 

The watches are rather sleek, sophisticated, incredibly stylish and suitable for everyday wear. With sizes and designs for just about every style and preference, options include:

TUDOR Black Bay mens collections

The men’s TUDOR Black Bay collection is just as diverse with a variety of sizes, styles and composition options to choose from. As well as the choice of aesthetic features, the collection also includes models with various functions. 

No matter your need or lifestyle, there is likely to be a suitable model which meets your requirements. Models include: 

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