Yellow Diamonds | All You Need to Know

Yellow Diamonds | All You Need to Know
Have you ever wondered how yellow diamonds differ from traditional clear diamonds? Yellow diamonds, also known as Canary Diamonds, are a great alternative choice to a standard clear diamond for an engagement ring, or any type of diamond jewellery.

The Basics

Yellow diamonds get their colour from the presence of nitrogen within the diamonds. Some diamonds have been treated to gain yellow colour so it's important to request a diamond certificate to ensure the colour is natural. Coloured diamonds are rarer than clear diamonds, however, of all coloured diamonds, yellow is the most common. In terms of colour grading, standard clear diamonds are graded on a different scale to coloured diamonds. The Gemological Insitute of America (GIA) grades clear diamonds from D-Z with D being the cleanest colour and Z having the most yellow tinge. This is different from coloured diamonds, which are graded on the intensity of colour they possess. In other words, the more vivid the colour the rarer the diamond is and therefore the more expensive it is.

Yellow Diamond Rings

If you want a unique engagement ring that pops, then a yellow diamonds might be the perfect choice for you. Add a beautiful contrast to your yellow diamond by choosing a diamond halo setting like the ring pictured below!
If you love unusual ring styles, opt for a design that mixes metal such as this dress ring pictured below. This stunning dress ring mixes both white and yellow gold as well as clear and yellow diamonds.
A large portion of yellow diamonds are radiant cut as faceting of this cut maximes the saturation of colour. This beautiful yellow radiant cut diamond was hand crafted diamond by the Paul Sheeran master goldsmiths.
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