All You Need to Know About Yellow Diamonds

All You Need to Know About Yellow Diamonds

Yellow diamonds, also known as Canary Diamonds, are a great alternative choice to a standard clear diamond for an engagement ring, or any type of diamond jewellery for that matter. 

But have you ever wondered how yellow diamonds differ from traditional clear diamonds? Or perhaps, how much a yellow diamond might be worth? Well, we tell all in this article. 

The history of yellow diamonds

The first yellow diamond was discovered in South Africa in 1867. However, its history begins long before this - 3 billion years to be exact - when the magnificent composition was formed deep inside earth’s crust. 

The stone that was unearthed in 1867 also happens to be the first diamond to have ever been authenticated in Africa, marking the beginning of a long love story between the continent and one of nature’s most beautiful creations. 

Since then, diamonds have continued to capture the hearts of both jewellers and consumers alike. You may have even heard of the famous Tiffany Yellow Diamond - the largest of its kind to have ever been discovered. The astonishing piece weighed 287.42 carats, and was purchased by Charles Lewis Tiffany for just $18,000, but now holds a value of over $30 million! 

How do yellow diamonds get their colour?

Yellow diamonds get their colour from the presence of nitrogen within their composition. Science explains that the nitrogen absorbs blue light, which results in their captivating yellow hue. 

Naturally, the more nitrogen there is in a diamond, the richer its shade of yellow. And similarly, the way in which a yellow diamond is cut can also impact its shade. 

Although authentic yellow diamonds form their colour in the most organic way, it is sometimes the case that clear diamonds are treated in a laboratory in order to artificially give them a yellow tone. And while there is no harm in doing this if they are to be sold as lab-created yellow diamonds, some try to pass them off as the real deal. Therefore, it is always recommended you request a diamond certificate so you can be sure the colour is natural. 

Is a yellow diamond rare?

Yes, yellow diamonds are rare when compared to normal clear diamonds. However, if you are comparing it to another fancy coloured diamond, which could include blue, green, pink or red stones, it is the most common.

Yellow diamonds are graded at the lower end of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) D-Z scale, and can transcend far into the grades typically held by the fancier hues. This scale identifies the intensity of colour possessed by the diamond, with those more vivid in tone and shade often rarer in existence. 

What are yellow diamonds worth?

One carat of high intensity yellow diamond can cost anywhere between €2,000 - €15,000. As with any diamond, the size, weight, setting and jewellery type all have a part to play in the value. But for yellow diamonds, the intensity of their colour also impacts their worth. 

Those of a higher intensity, and therefore more yellow in colour, are more expensive to buy initially, but also more valuable in the long run. 

Although, in comparison to other fancy diamonds, those yellow in tone do tend to be cheaper. 

However, this is strictly financial worth. The charm, character and unique nature of a yellow diamond jewellery item are guaranteed to grant it sentimental worth too, which is often far more valuable to a wearer or receiver. 

Do yellow diamonds sparkle?

Yes, yellow diamonds certainly do sparkle. However, the sparkle isn’t what determines its quality. As mentioned above, it’s the intensity of the colour which gives a yellow diamond its superiority. 

So, with the right cut and colour, a yellow diamond can make just as much of an impact as a clear diamond. Want to see how? Take a look at the examples of yellow diamond rings below:

If you want a unique engagement ring that pops, then a yellow diamond might be the perfect choice for you. Add a beautiful contrast to your yellow diamond by choosing a diamond halo setting like the ring pictured below!

If you love unusual ring styles, opt for a design that mixes metal such as this dress ring pictured below. This stunning dress ring mixes both white and yellow gold as well as clear and yellow diamonds.

A large portion of yellow diamonds are radiant cut as faceting of this cut maximes the saturation of colour. This beautiful yellow radiant cut diamond was hand-crafted by the Paul Sheeran master goldsmiths.

Whether you’re interested in a yellow diamond engagement ring, or any other piece of jewellery using this magnificent stone, book a consultation with us today to get one step closer.

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