Utopia: unique, precious, modern pearl jewellery

Utopia: unique, precious, modern pearl jewellery
Pearls are probably the most loved gems of all time. They always add a touch of elegance to an everyday look. At Paul Sheeran Jewellers we have an exciting collection of pearls that combine a classic look to a sophisticated jewellery design, Utopia. Utopia , one of the Italy’s foremost jewellery designers, has always guaranteed quality, style, attention to detail and design. They constantly create new design that will excite you. Their design team is constantly looking for new combinations of materials, shapes and colours to expand the frontiers of fine jewellery design. Utopia combines gold, diamonds and enamels of different colours and precious materials, such as South Sea pearls, that are combined with new materials like high-tech ceramics. We present here the Utopia collections available in our shop. The new Utopia collection, RosaTea, is inspired by the bud of the rose, which guards a small bead under its thorns. A collection designed for the fashionista. A price point oriented collection that does not sacrifice the everyday classy The beautiful Utopia Bolero Collection is inspired by nature where little jasmine flowers, gold and diamonds flow together generating a sensual and warm collection. Spheres, drops and tapering shapes enchant creating volume, light and shades in unison with the beauty of the South Sea and the Tahitian pearl. This  collection reinterprets the classic look; they are totally manufactured by master craftsmen of haute Italian jewellery. The Utopia Notturno is an elegant collection where diamonds seem to be tiny stars in the dark, and pearls are enchanting and charming moons. In this collection, Utopia gives life to a harmonious pentagram where diamonds look as if they are dancing in a continuous play of light and movement, like delightful notes in perfect harmony with beautiful South Sea pearls. Utopia is exclusively available at Paul Sheeran Jewellers.  Don't miss the chance to see these beautiful pieces on our website or visit our shop to try them on.

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