The Irish Charm collection: the magic of Celtic symbolism

The Irish Charm collection: the magic of Celtic symbolism
Celtic symbols and their stories play an important role in Irish heritage and culture. Behind each symbol are many stories to tell that add to them an ineffable charm.

In our workshop, we have caught the magic of Celtic symbolism in our refined collection evoking their timeless beauty. The Irish Charm collection is especially designed and crafted by Paul Sheeran's expert team of goldsmiths. Each piece of this unique collection adds to the 'Irish Charm' of those wearing it.

In this collection, five of the best known Celtic symbols are represented: the love knot, the shamrock, the claddagh, the harp and the celtic cross. Let‚Äôs discover together the meaning of these symbols. Celtic Love Knot is perhaps the most famous and recognizable artwork in Celtic history. It represents the never ending union of two souls to form an inseparable bond through everlasting love for eternity. Shamrock is one of main symbols of Ireland and it is commonly associated with luck. According to legend, St Patrick himself plucked a Shamrock from the ground to explain his belief in the Trinity. Many believed that wearing this little green sprig of green would keep them from harm. Over the centuries, the Shamrock has become an instantly recognisable emblem of the Green Island. Claddagh has long been associated with romance, fidelity and Irish culture. Think of the Claddagh and romance springs to mind. The whisper of romance lingers within every Claddagh. A gift of love, crafted in Ireland it echoes a tale of devotion retold over the centuries. Long time ago in Ireland, the sound of the Irish Harp echoed round the courts of kings and chieftains. No feast or noble gathering was complete without a bard providing entertainment for the guests. Today the Irish Harp is recognized worldwide as the emblem of Irish national identity and pride. Since early times, the Celtic Cross has marked sacred places all over Ireland. The Celtic Cross pays tribute to those ancient Celts whose legacy remains. And for all to see, it is a powerful symbol of faith. Now the story continues with those who wear a Celtic Cross. In the Paul Sheeran Irish Charm Collection, each of these symbols is embossed in a lovely charm with a white diamond that makes it a perfect gift for any occasion or a delicate lucky charm to wear every day.   This collection is made from sterling silver and 18-carat yellow gold and it is an exquisite range, featuring by bracelets, necklaces, cufflinks and charms. Discover the collection¬†or visiting our shop.

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