The 5 greatest love stories of all the time

The 5 greatest love stories of all the time
Again that time of the year is here at Paul Sheeran Jewellers we can feel that love is in the air. As we wait for most romantic day of the year (Valentine's day), we would like to entertain you with 5 great love stories of all time... stories that will melt your heart.

These couples stories are as enduring, if not more so, than the art, films or songs they produced — and they give us all something to which to aspire.

A truly legendary love story is the one between Johnny Cash and June Carter. Theirs is a love story of persistence. However, it wasn’t a simple love story. When they first met Cash was married, and Carter was also in a relationship. Still, Cash says he knew from the very moment he saw her that they were meant to be together. At the time they met June Carter was singing backup for Elvis Presley but it took her a bit longer to warm to Cash himself, despite their undeniable attraction. A beautiful song, Ring of fire, is about their feelings at that time. Cash proposed several times before she finally said yes. He finally met success when he proposed while they were performing together on stage in London, Ontario, Canada in front of 7,000 fans in 1968. The couple was married for 35 years. Many of the world’s greatest love stories begin with love at first sight... but there are those which take a little longer for love to blossom! Grace Kelly and Prince Rainer III of Monaco’s first meeting had been arranged by Paris-Match for a photo shoot at the Palace of Monaco. She was the guest of honour at the 1955 Cannes Film Festival, but she had never thought her life was about to change. It is rumoured that Grace, exhausted by her whirlwind European tour, originally attempted to cancel the meeting — but, in the end, she attended. What proceeded was an elegant afternoon strolling through the palace gardens. It was the start of a great love story between the actress and the prince. Following this first meeting, the two began to write one another regularly. After a few months, Rainer decided to fly to America and meet her again. One week later, while spending an intimate New Year’s Eve together in New York, the Prince proposed. The love story was hailed as a ‘fairytale of modern times’ and their wedding was to be remembered as ‘the wedding of the century’. One of modern history’s most vibrant, passionate, and tumultuous love is that between legendary artists Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. Frida Kahlo first met Diego Rivera when she was an art student hoping to get advice on her career from the famous Mexican muralist. Although Rivera was married, a courtship ensued. They wed in 1929 (he was 42, she was only 22) much to the disapproval of Frida's parents, who referred to the couple as "the elephant and the dove." With volatile tempers and countless infidelities, the marriage was notoriously tumultuous. The couple divorced in 1939 only to remarry a year later, though the second marriage was just as turbulent as the first. John Lennon and Yoko Ono were one of the greatest couples of modern times, and even after the famous musician’s tragic murder, they remain one of the most iconic couples in history. When John Lennon met Yoko Ono in 1966 at the Indica Gallery in Central London, he was still married to his first wife, Cynthia. But the marriage was on the rocks because of his constant womanising. After meeting, Ono began calling Lennon on a regular basis and while Cynthia was away he invited her to visit, which resulted in them spending the night recording. They married in Gibraltar in 1969 but it was not all wine and roses. John Lennon left Yoko Ono for 18 months in 1973, when they were having marital problems. They met again in January of 1975 and he failed to return to her. Their son was born in October of the same year and John decided to become a full-time dad, spending all his time caring for his child and Yoko taking 5 year break from the music industry. John Lennon returned with the album, Double Fantasy, in 1980 which he released with Yoko Ono and was his last published work while alive. The only reason Meryl Streep and Don Gummer met was because he lent her his apartment in 1978 when her life had fallen apart… When Meryl Streep‘s boyfriend John Cazale died of cancer that year, the actress was devastated and she decided to leave the apartment she shared with John. As it sometimes does, love and light came out of the tragedy – in this case, quite quickly. Love between Meryl and Don wasn’t love at first sight, but it certainly didn’t take long. Just six months after Cazale’s death, Gummer and Streep were married in the garden of her parents’ home in September 1978. Through nearly 38 years of marriage, Gummer and Streep have stayed together. Which is your favourite celebrities love story? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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