Paul Sheeran's design story: the "I love you" bracelet

Paul Sheeran's design story: the "I love you" bracelet
At Paul Sheeran Jewellers we believe that jewellery is the best gift to mark an important moment in life. During these 27 years in business we have shared with our customers a lot of happy events -engagements, weddings, birthdays, new babies and so on. We are always thrilled to be part of the special occasions in our customers‚Äô lives and today we want to share with you one customer‚Äôs story. Recently, a man, with his eldest son, visited our shop. The son was looking for a bespoke piece of jewellery for the most important woman of his life, his mother. We were enthralled by the story the son told us about his family and that he would like to create something unique to show the love his brothers, sister and himself had for their mother. After the client consultation, that involved Paul and his head Goldsmith, the process of bringing a special piece of jewellery to life started. Listening and sharing thoughts and emotions during the consultation, gave Paul and his team of goldsmiths a true understanding of what father and son required. Paul had the great insight to create a silver bracelet with five charms, where each charm had a different shape and represented the five children. What could it be more special for a mother than a bracelet created by her own children? On each shape Paul suggested the engraving of each of the children‚Äôs initials as their handwriting. This gift would make a truly special present for their mother‚Äôs 50th birthday! Here is the result of our Goldsmiths‚Äô work: a beautiful silver bracelet with charms.   It is a pleasure to know that we‚Äôve played a part in the joy that comes from giving the perfect piece of jewellery to someone special. This young boy has inspired us, so we decided to call this piece the ‚ÄúI Love You‚Äù bracelet because each charm has a message of love for the person who receives it. We think every woman should have an ‚ÄúI Love You‚Äù bracelet on her wrist! Would you like to create your ‚ÄúI Love You‚Äù bracelet for an important person in your life? Contact us or visit our shop, we will be happy to create your exclusive piece of jewellery.          

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