How to clean your diamond ring

How to clean your diamond ring
Jewellery is precious and delicate item that requires attentive care and maintenance. Everyday activities can slowly deteriorate the look and integrity of your diamond ring, especially if you wear it on a daily basis. Understanding how to care of your treasured jewellery can make a world of difference in maintaining its beauty and sparkle for generations to come. Taking the time to keep your diamond ring clean after wearing it can significantly reduce tarnish. At Paul Sheeran Jewellers we know that your jewellery is worth so much more than the value of the metal and the stones themselves. In fact, by the time your diamond ring or jewellery arrives them back to the after-sale team, there are many memories, emotions, and sentiments embedded in them as there are jewels. This means that our expert goldsmith team have their work cut out to preserve them all, while maintaining or restoring your treasures sympathetically. It's a huge responsibility being entrusted with objects holding such sentimental value, but it's a responsibility that Paul Sheeran team of goldsmith team relish. For each piece bought at Paul Sheeran, a lifetime's six-monthly cleaning service is offered free of charge to customers. But if six months seems over-attentive, one only has to think of the wear and tear an diamond ring undergoes, worn every day. It's important to remember that precious metals are soft. A knock here and there is enough to scratch them easily, but we can polish out. As part of the cleaning service we'll also check whether a stone's loosened and needs tightening or remounting. We perform a full inspection and inform you if there is any required maintenance or repairs that need to be done. We advise our customer to visit our shop for a jewellery inspection at least once a year for a polishing, cleaning, and rhodium plating (for white gold). As part of the Paul Sheeran Advantage we will help you to keep your diamonds and jewels as bright as the day you got them. Consult our Jewellery services. Moreover, we have come up with some tips on how to help you to prevent jewellery from becoming tarnished and damaged, learn more about jewellery care.

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