5 Tips to Buying a Bespoke Engagement Ring

5 Tips to Buying a Bespoke Engagement Ring
More and more people want an engagement ring that is tailor made for them.  So we've put together our top 5 tips to guide you through a purchase bespoke engagement ring purchase.

Set A Budget

The first thing we recommended to do before embarking on your search is to set a budget. By knowing exactly how much you are willing to spend on a bespoke engagement ring will help in the decision making process for both you and your jeweller. The beauty of having a bespoke engagement ring is that specifications of the design can be worked around your budget.

Try Before You Buy!

Often times couples will have already have a preference for the style of engagement ring they would like. However, we advise our customers to try on a variety of different styles and keep an open mind. This is because different shapes and size of hands will suit certain diamond shapes and metal colours more. Because of this we encourage customers to view rings in-store before purchasing online.    

Do Your Research

Knowing your partner's taste in jewellery is key to choosing the perfect diamond ring. For instance, if they wear rose gold jewellery on a daily basis, then perhaps they would most like a rose gold engagement ring. It's also a good idea to ask your partner's friends what they think your partner would prefer. You never know what bits of untapped information they'll have and it's always helpful to have more than one opinion. Another tip is if they already wear a ring on their ring finger then you can take it in for the jeweller to measure. However, getting the exact ring size is not a necessity as it can be resized by a goldsmith at any stage.    

Trust Your Goldsmith

If you wish to custom design your own ring, it's extremely important that you work alongside a well-experienced goldsmith. We have a team of in-house goldsmiths and designers who work full time in our workshop. Our goldsmiths can help you make an informed decision when it comes to the design of your ring - and can adjust the design according to your budget.

Aftercare Service

It's so important to consider the aftercare service you will receive once you have made your purchase. An engagement ring is unlike any other piece of jewellery . In order for your engagement ring to last you a lifetime it must be serviced regularly. For this reason we offer all our customers a lifetime steam-clean and polish to keep its sparkle but also to check there are no structural issues with it.   Book an appointment¬†with us today and start your journey to finding the perfect ring for you!

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