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The TUDOR Ranger Collection

The TUDOR Ranger Collection

At a spectacular event in London last week, TUDOR, with the help of their loyal brand ambassador David Beckham, celebrated the 70th anniversary of the British North Greenland Expedition.


The event took place on July 8th, 70 years after the mission departed from Deptford, and could not have been a more fitting occasion to unveil TUDOR's spectacular new Ranger collection.


Key Features of the TUDOR Ranger Collection

The Tudor Ranger Watch

The new TUDOR Ranger models are deemed highly affordable, as TUDOR'S number one mission statement is to create timepieces that display the finest watchmaking technology whilst remaining attainable to the general public.


The pieces are diverse, each having a more modern 39-millimetre case size, making them suitable for both men and women. The Rangers have several key elements that link them to the aesthetic heritage of their origin.


They include the iconic large Arabic numerals with the 3, 6, 9, and 12 markers and the hands coated in a neon green 'Super-Luminova' luminescent material for increased visibility, which vintage watch collectors are sure to appreciate.


The dial of the Ranger models is matt black, which contrasts nicely with the beige tone of the hour markers and numerals that match the TUDOR shield logo and inscriptions. The arrow-shaped hour hand is also a characteristic typical of the Ranger collection.


The inclusion of the Ranger mention at 6 o'clock and the tip of the angular second's hand in burgundy is the return of details of great historical importance that bring a new touch to the traditional Ranger aesthetics.


New Tudor Ranger Watch Range


The Ranger case, is satin-brushed steel, creating an overall matt finish, suitable and typical for a TUDOR tool watch.


However, some elements, such as the edge of the fixed bezel, are polished to strengthen the case's lines and make it much more durable and protected.


TUDOR Ranger & the iconic straps


The new Ranger models come with a choice of 3 different straps. The fabric strap is one of TUDOR’s hallmarks as in 2010 they became one of the first watch brands to offer it.


The iconic TUDOR fabric straps are woven using traditional methods on 19th-century Jacquard looms by the French company Julien Faure, meaning the standard and quality of this strap is second to none in terms of durability and comfort.


This particular fabric strap is olive-green and displays a simple yet striking design of two red stripes and a beige stripe in the centre.New Tudor Ranger Watch Straps


There is also the option of a satin-brushed stainless-steel bracelet that matches perfectly with the steel of the case and is fitted with TUDOR’s ‘T-Fit’ safety catch.


This catch has previously only been seen on the boutique-only Black Bay Fifty-Eight Bronze and Black Bay Pro and allows for eight millimetres of adjustment completely tool-free.


Lastly, there is the option of a hybrid strap which is a natural rubber and fabric-like textured black leather with beige topstitching and a folding clasp.


What is Powering The TUDOR Ranger 


The movement powering this range of watches is TUDOR's in-house, COSC-certified Manufacture Calibre MT5402.


The construction of this movement is designed to ensure its strength, longevity and precision, elements crucial in the design of a functional expedition watch. Another distinguishing feature is this movement's power reserve, nicknamed 'weekend-proof'.


This means it has a power reserve of 70 hours, enabling the wearer to remove it on a Friday evening and put it back on again on Monday without having to wind it at all.


The Heritage of the TUDOR Ranger Collection

The British North Greenland Expedition was a scientific mission to study the geology and terrain of the icy and desolate part of the world that is Greenland.


The mission had the support of both Queen Elizabeth II and Winston Churchill and took place from July 1952 to August 1954.


It consisted of 30 men, led by Commander James Simpson, though not all 30 men stayed north for both years as the conditions were incredibly cold and icy, with temperatures falling below -66 °C.


Tudor Heritage Ranger Watch


The mission was also used to educate the Armed Forces on how best to withstand the extreme Arctic environments.


You may wonder, how does TUDOR have anything to do with this frosty expedition in north Greenland?


Well, on July 8th 1952, the brave members of this mission set sail for Greenland from the banks of the Thames, each equipped with a brand-new TUDOR heritage watch, the Oyster Prince Timepiece.


The Oyster Prince watch boasts the iconic waterproof Oyster case and the original self-winding Perpetual' rotor' mechanism, which had initially been two advantages unique to Rolex. These features made the Oyster Prince TUDOR's first waterproof, automatic model.


TUDOR used the expedition to prove the watch's resilience, durability and precision.


The new TUDOR Ranger collection is an excellent example of a trustworthy tool-watch that has all the practical features needed for a thrilling Arctic expedition while maintaining its heritage's aesthetic integrity.


A timepiece that is functional and beautiful, proven by those brave men 70 years ago, is perfect for coping with anything life throws at you. It celebrates the daring spirit of adventure and is a testament to the values and skills of TUDOR watchmaking.


Where it all Started for TUDOR 


Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex and TUDOR, had already registered the name Ranger in 1929. However, it wouldn't be until after the Greenland Expedition in 1960 that the TUDOR Ranger collection was born.


Tudor Ranger Heritage Hans Wilsdorf


The Greenland mission inspires the Ranger models and the Oyster Prince watches. They are a watch that celebrates the spirit of daring adventure whilst also being chic and stylish.


They are robust, reliable, practical and affordable, a suitable watch for living in extreme temperatures or simply tackling your everyday routine.


The new models released in commemoration of the anniversary of this extraordinary mission are the perfect continuation of TUDOR's traditional expedition watch, an authentic 'tool watch' that exquisitely maintains all of the aesthetic heritage of the name 'Ranger'.


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