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April 12, 2017

April, the month of diamonds

Diamond is the modern birthstone for April, so we thought it would be fitting to share why the diamond is such a beautiful and versatile stone to choose, especially for your special engagement ring.
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend for a reason – it is the hardest gemstone to exist and its reliable high value means it keeps its place in the modern list of precious stones.

** Did you know…the only thing that can scratch a diamond is another diamond**

Diamonds are also available in a variety of colours. Whilst the most popular colours for engagement rings are clear, and bright white, the rarest colours (and the most expensive diamonds) are pink, blue and green
Fancy (the term used to describe deeply coloured diamonds) yellow diamonds have recently increased in popularity, too.

Yellow diamond ring

Yellow diamond ring

If you’ve ever heard people talking about the shape of the diamonds in their rings, there are a few options here too…all of which are stunning, of course!
The most popular diamond cuts are: round brilliant, princess, emerald, marquise, oval and pear.

Most popular Diamond cuts

You can always talk to Paul Sheeran Jewellers about your exact engagement ring requirements.

How do you assess the quality of a diamond?
Jewellers and diamond makers alike take into consideration the 4C’s of Diamond Quality when choosing stones:

Cut – cut has the greatest effect on a diamond’s beauty and sparkle.
Colour – colours range from colourless to light yellow or light brown.
Clarity – diamonds contain tiny marks known as “inclusions.” The fewer the inclusions, the more beautiful the diamond will be.
Carat – Bigger isn’t necessarily better, two diamonds can be of equal carat-weight, but their value can differ greatly due to their cut, colour, and clarity.

You can find out more about the all-important 4Cs here. 

As you can see, a diamond is the perfect choice for any significant piece of jewellery and no more so than an engagement ring.

Yellow gold engagement rings

Yellow gold engagement rings

Whether you’re browsing for yourself or for that special someone, Paul Sheeran Jewellers has a fantastic range of diamonds.

We have appointments available to suit you, so talk to us today.

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April, the month of diamonds
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April, the month of diamonds
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend for a reason! They are the perfect choice for any significant piece of jewellery and no more so than an engagement ring.

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